What Are The Best Treatments For Uric Acid?


There are a lot of medications who claims to be effective in treating uric acid. And today, the long list of available treatments are still available for you to see. The question is that, are these medications effective in treating uric acid? We will make you find that out here.

This article aims to deliver a free and effective uric acid treatment.

Why should I follow a uric acid treatment?

Hyperuricemia is a complex disease. That is the reason why other diseases require simple and general methods such as a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, a healthy lifestyle can also harm a hyperuricemia sufferer as a result of some healthy foods and practices that can lead to further production of the uric acid. For instance, too much exercise can lead to too much lactate, pyruvate and eventually lactic acid in your body. The latter one will reduce the excretion rate of uric acid. As a result, uric acid will accumulate in the body which can cause gout attacks.

Treating hyperuricemia is also important not just to prevent gout attacks but also other complications. Gout is not the sole hyperuricemia complication. Cancer, Diabetes, and Hypertension are also included in the list. These complications can be far more dangerous than gout attacks. More so, every individual must be very careful with this.

The Right Uric Acid Treatment

It is true that the main reason for having a gout is uric acid. And it is just right to eliminate the main cause of any illness to eliminate the source of suffering. Isn’t it? But little did we know that the major mistake that we do is we are just focusing on eliminating uric acid alone. But if we truly aim to treat hyperuricemia, then the thing we should do is to focus not only hyperuricemia but also to stop acidosis.

What is the relation of acidosis in treating hyperuricemia? The thing is that acidosis is the condition that helps hyperuricemia to occur. Most acids are harmful to your body. This includes uric acid and lactic acid as prime examples. Furthermore, your body has to eliminate these acids and there is no exception for this. Gout caused by uric acid is none but one of the many complications of an acidotic body. As your body eliminates all those trash, less and less uric acid is eliminated. Think of your toilet. Does it have pipes that separate urine, water, and feces and send them to different tanks? Nope. They are sent to the same septic tank at the same time. This means that if the tank is full of feces, there is no more space for urine! Just like if your kidneys are overloaded with acids, there is little space left for uric acid to be excreted. Thus, uric acid accumulates.

Therefore, the best thing to do in order to help the body to excrete uric acid is to reduce the levels of acid in the body. How? Return the acid-alkaline balance in your body through alkaline diet. The alkaline diet is also known to treat hypertension, diabetes, and other medical conditions. It is also shown that alkaline diet can prevent plaque formation in our blood vessels, prevent kidney stone, and stop the formation of calcium in the urine. Good sources of alkaline are fresh vegetables, unprocessed plant-based protein sources, and fruits.

Taking an alkaline diet can give you alkaline minerals that your body can utilize to increase the alkalinity of your bloodstream. A good example is to drink alkaline water instead of normal water in order to supply your body with the appropriate minerals.

To treat hyperuricemia, the individual with this condition is also recommended to avoid over exercise – too much physical activity causes your cells to switch into anaerobic metabolism thus producing lactic acid in the process.

These methods are none but few examples of uric acid treatment methods. If you want to know more of the different ways on treating the condition, do some more research. Don’t worry, there may be lots of hoaxes on the internet, but there are still some (just like this article) that are trustworthy and has a content that is beneficial.


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