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This article is neither fiction nor scientific. I am writing this to share my rather unconventional understanding of gout based on my experience with thousands of gout patients. I would like to clarify that I’m not a doctor or any medical professional. The information shared in this book is for the purpose of enriching your understanding of gout from a different perspective.

I do not have high uric acid and have never experienced any gout attack at all. It was a rather adventurous journey of how I ended up becoming a “gout expert” to the extent that some of myclients regard me as more “doctor” than the doctors who failed to solve their gout miseries.

It all started in 2008 when I first discovered Calkaline, which is an activated alkaline minerals that can turn any ordinary drinking water to become ionized alkaline water that can effectively neutralize and flush away the accumulated acidic waste in the body.

Realizing the great potential of Calkaline as a more effective and economical alternative to the expensive water ionizer machines, I partnered with the Taiwanese company to help market this great product to those who urgently in need of an affordable way to get strong ionized alkaline water to treat diseases that is caused by acidosis in the body.

Instead of focusing on selling the technical features of Calkaline, I was more intrigued by what kind of modern diseases could be cured by drinking Calkaline water. I read many books about the importance of body pH and how acidosis has led to the onset of a global epidemic of health crises. Out of so many modern diseases, gout caught my attention because my then 60-year-old father was suffering from it. His blood uric acid level was above healthy range for many years, and he was complaining about having joint pains whenever he ate too much meat or drank too much beer.

I did some research online and realized that gout is actually not really as complicated as many people think it is. It is a condition where the excess uric acid in the body reaches the saturation point and crystalizes near the joints. The body perceives these fine urate crystals as foreign invaders and alerts the body’s immune system to trigger the very painful gouty inflammation.

Once I got the picture clear, my simple logical, scientific mind concluded that Calkaline water could definitely help my dad lower his uric acid level and eventually stop the painful gout attacks once and for all. Simple science explains it all. The pain is triggered by the urate crystals. The crystals are from the excess uric acid. The only thing on earth than can neutralize acid is alkaline.

A few months after he started to drink Calkaline water (at least 1.5 Liters per day) on daily basis, my father went for his yearly body checkup. The blood test report showed that his blood uric acid level was back to the healthy range. This has convinced me that ionized alkaline water is very effective in reducing the blood uric acid level and preventing gout attacks.

My dad’s blood test result in 2005 before drinking Calkaline Water.
My dad’s blood test result 3 months after drinking Calkaline Water. His attacks gradually reduced to zero and he is back on his high protein and beer diet, but he continues to drink Calkaline Water everyday until today.
My dad’s blood test result in 2009. Uric Acid: 0.34 mmol/L.
My dad’s blood test result in 2009. Uric Acid: 0.30 mmol/L.
My dad’s blood test result in 2009. Uric Acid: 0.29 mmol/L. He still drink beer and eat a lot of meat. Well, he is 70 year-old man with strong personality, it’s very hard to convince him to start a healthy diet. His favorite motto of life is… “I eat, I will die someday. I don’t eat, I still will die someday. I might as well enjoy the good foods.”

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I’m doing this out of passion and I’m a real person living in Asia (traveling between Taiwan and Malaysia), so do be patient to wait for my reply because your messages might reach me while I’m asleep. By the way, I’m answering question from around the world, there’s a lot of e-mails to reply within a day.

If you’ve successfully set yourself free from hyperuricemia or gout with the methods I suggest, do buy me a meal or drink when I visit your country. 😉 I’ve made many new friends around the world through this, it has been a wonderful journey.

You are not alone in the Battle of Gout, I understand the frustrations and disappointment you had been going through. Trust me, you can win this battle. The methods just work! You just need somehow to guide you along the way. Do not hesitate to call/text me.

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