The Connection Between Gout And Exercise


One of the most popular activity for those who want to improve themselves in both health and aesthetics is exercise. Well, after all, who doesn’t want those curves? The abs, triceps, biceps? Plus, the additional boost in the health. However, the sad thing is that if you are a gout sufferer, instead of having a stiffer and larger biceps, it will be the gout joint, not unless you will do exercise, the proper way.

This article wishes to explain the connection between gout and exercise. Read on and get to know what relationship do they really have.

Exercise: Why not?

The clear reason may actually be, that it may hurt the gouty joints! Therefore, you shouldn’t do exercise if you’re experiencing gout flare ups. Overlooking this particular fact, you don’t have to avoid exercise totally if the gout is not existing or is not making its presence be felt. What you just need to do is to exercise the proper way. In order to understand how and why, you must understand the two concepts first. I am talking about the output and input side of the excretion of the uric acid. It is actually the bridge, which connects gout and exercise.

The uric acid: Input and Output

They say that what you eat is not what you really excrete. This is probably the main point of this particular principle. You eat some foods, yield two units of the uric acid and the excrete only one unit. Or, you may excrete two units of it, yet yield three units. This may either be because you have a strong input or a weak output. Either of the two, the extra unit of the uric acid may accumulate over a period of time. Just like anything that is in excess amount, it may cause harm.

It is extremely questionable that it’s the diet that may cause gout, thus it’s highly dubious that it’s the input side that may have caused the problems. Furthermore, the dietary factor is just about 12%, which is commonly too small to affect a certain person. Therefore, the chances are, it’s the output that may have caused the problems.

For those who are normal with a normal pair of kidneys, they may be capable of excreting the uric acid without any troubles. However, it’s not always an assurance that a person has kidney complications if he cannot excrete the uric acid properly. There are a lot of other reasons that may take the attention of the kidneys. For example, some other acids which require the excretion! When there are excessive toxins and acids that must be excreted, little kidney power will be left for the uric acid to be expelled.

This is now where the connection between gout and exercise enters. The improper way of doing an exercise may produce an excessive amount of acids.

Exercise: The proper way

It is not a good idea to do exercise during a gout attack, however, doing exercise after the gout attack subsides is actually a good thing. You may in fact, do whatever exercise that you want. You just need to lessen those that may stress the affected joint. Ensure that as you feel that you’re beginning to breath profoundly, go and have a rest for a while. This is for the reason that it’s the particular moment where the cells are swapping to an anaerobic respiration.

Moreover, exercise may also dehydrate you. Don’t forget to drink water, a good amount of it. If you are going to sweat all your water out, there’ll be little left to melt the uric acid! The uric acid will crystallize easily in dehydration. With just a few waters, there will also be no fluid for you to urinate hence it is much harder to expel the uric acid. Take note, it is just water. Don’t drink any energy drink. All of those may just burden your kidney and may reduce the uric acid excretion rate. If you are less hydrated, you will boost the chances of getting the uric acid kidney stones thus making the condition even more calamitous.

The Conclusion

The proper and moderate exercise is so good; just always remember to not overdo it. Always bear in mind that you need to pause when you are feeling something wrong. Pain will always be a part of the survival instinct of the body. it may give you some discomfort, but it is important for us to keep going.


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