What Are The Foods That Trigger Gout?


It is well-known all over the world, that gout is a serious disease, that needs serious attention. However, it is being covered with lots and lots of obscurity. You may try eating nutritious foods to make the situation lighter, then the gout attack comes to kill the joy. You eat an apple in the hopes of keeping your doctor away, then gout comes to you again. Well, there are lots of things that may trigger the condition, really! This is why lots of those who suffer from the condition is getting confused.

This article wishes to explain the different foods that may trigger the condition. Trust me, most of these are really unexpected. So read on, pal, I know you’d enjoy this!

Acidic Foods and Gout

An increase in the uric acid concentration is actually the main factor that may cause gout attacks. However, it isn’t always about what you are eating. In the actual fact, diet is just about 15% of the factor. Think of this, in every system, there’s always an input and an output. The foods that may trigger gout aren’t just foods that may increase the uric acid input, but are also the foods that may reduce the uric acid output –these are the acidic foods.

Acids, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of it is the substances that may do all kinds of corrosion. Even though those are certainly acids, we don’t really refer to this kind of substances. When we say acidic foods, we’re talking about the foods that may yield acidic substances as they are being metabolized. This is due to the fact that such acids may distract the kidneys. When there is less uric acid that’s being excreted, the gout flare-ups are being triggered as the chances of the extra uric acid crystal being dumped is much higher.

A few examples of the acidic foods are the foods that may produce oxalic acid, as well as lactic acid as they are metabolized. These acids may add to the affliction of the kidneys hence reducing its own power to expel the uric acid.

Purine and Gout

You may have already heard of it. The purine is the first enemy of the condition. It is in fact, the source of the uric acid. We know that purine is always present in whatever food we eat, but do we actually know what really is it?

Well, purine is a macromolecule that is being used by the body to be able to manufacture the nucleotides necessary for the DNA. Even though is a requirement, there’s no need for any excessive levels of them on the body. Therefore, the body may have the excrete the purine somehow. Conversely, since it is a macromolecule, it’s very impossible that it could be excreted in that form. Its own size must be reduced or else it’ll not be to pass in the kidney filters. This is why it is broken down into uric acid. The uric acid will in turn be formed into crystals in the tophaceous deposit, which causes all the suffering.

Other than all the cells, as what is stated earlier, all the foods that we eat has purine with them. That being said, you must avoid the foods that are rich in purine. They should be the number one on the list of the foods that may trigger gout.


There are lots of foods that trigger gout, that’s why you should be wary of what you eat. You must always watch your diet, and all the foods that you are buying. Furthermore, make sure that your doctor knows what kind of foods you are eating. After all, your doctor is the one who is making sure that you are okay and if your status is far or close to any danger.

So, that was it for the foods that trigger gout. The key philosophy here is to avoid the foods that are rich in purine content, as well as the foods that will slow down the overall secretion of the uric acid. Just bear in mind that diet is just a minor factor. It’s not always the input. Most of the time, it is the output.


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