Alkaline Water For Gout: Is It Really Beneficial?


There is this famous quote that we often see, “You are what you eat.” If you eat foods that aren’t healthy, then might as well accept your fate of being unhealthy. The same way, eat healthy foods, then your healthy will be in good condition. The same with the water that you drink too. Drink the unhealthy type of beverages then you will become unhealthy. The water that you drink may help you in getting rid of illnesses, and even treat various existing illnesses, just like gout.

In this article, you will get to know about the benefits of alkaline water for gout. Will it really be beneficial in treating the condition, or it will just make the condition much worse? Read on then you will get to know the answer.

Acidosis and Uric Acid: The root of gout

To be able to treat gout, you must remove the root cause of it. if not, the condition will simply grow back no matter how many times you have endured the gout attack, or no matter how many times you dissolve the uric acid crystal, gout will come back if your own hyperuricemia or some other acids in the body aren’t flushed out. Imagine this; the lizard will always grow its tail no matter how many times you cut it. Except, you decide to kill the lizard, once for all. In the case of gout, it is acidosis that you must kill. In order to understand how the alkaline water help in treating gout, you must understand how acidosis became the main cause of the condition.

While it is true that the uric acid is the one that crystallizes and not the oxalic acid or the lactic acid, still, the aforementioned acids still helped in the formation of the uric acid crystal. Firstly, the uric acid will not crystallize with no external help due to the body being very effective in getting rid of uric acid.

Without any help, gout will not even kindle as all of the uric acids in the body that is being generated from purine from the dying cells will get flushed out. Not mentioning the uric acid that is from the diets rich in purine. The body has the capacity to flush out all of them. However, sadly, it is not just the uric acid. The acidosis too –excessive levels of acids in the body may slow down the excretion of the uric acid. This is due to the fact that the kidneys must excrete not just the uric acid but the other acids too. The more acids in there, the lesser uric acid too be excreted. The lesser uric acid being excreted, the higher the chance of acquiring gout.

Alkaline Water for Gout

Some may attest that there is no better source of calcium and magnesium, but the alkaline water. The water that is from the natural streams is actually good sources of alkaline water. Sadly, however, not all of us have good access to them. Therefore, we must use some other ways. One way is to have a water-ionizing machine. This particular machine produces two outputs, alkaline water and acidic water.

One more option is the use of ionic calcium in ionizing the water. Even just a single drop of it may already provide enough mineral in alkalizing the water. Therefore, it’s much cheaper, but more effective than that of the water ionizer.

Alkaline has no acids…

One more concept is that you must learn to understand the effect of the alkaline water for the condition is the crash between two opposing forces: the alkaline and the acids. They are actually the ones that are between hydronium and hydrogen. The more level of hydrogen, the more acidic it will become. On the same note, the more hydronium, the more alkaline.

For a certain thing to be alkaline, one must provide minerals for the free hydrogen hence decreasing the acidity and increasing the alkalinity. That being said, you must lean on to the alkaline side of the scale to be able to neutralize the uric acid, together with the other acids. Therefore, you must provide minerals to the body –calcium and magnesium. These will be neutralized by the body to help in balancing the pH levels of the bloodstream.


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