What You Need To Know About The Gout, Diabetes, And Acidosis


The gout is indeed a threatening disease. Having this disease may be a sign in order to warn you about an upcoming body disaster. For many cases, it is not a disaster but disasters.

What this article is aiming for is to explain the reason why the gout is an omen to the diabetes arrival.

Gout: Is it a Cause or a Sign?

Let us try then to answer this question: Is gout the precursor to diabetes?

The answer to that question is definitely yes. The gout is a sign of diabetes. But imagining the connection between the two is definitely hard. Imagining that vicious lump in the joint is actually a signal of a high blood sugar is indeed hard especially due to the reason that the gout is caused by not the blood sugar but by the uric acid.

Remember though that it does necessarily mean that an individual has diabetes if he has gout. However, an individual will most likely to have diabetes in the near future if he is a gout sufferer. The diabetes is not an effect of gout but it is a marker of another disease that will most likely cause diabetes.

Acidosis: Why is it the root of evil?

Gout will give a person the pain that will possibly stay for a lifetime. The diabetes is a disease that will waste the precious health. Then, how about the acidosis? Well, it can call on several disasters like diabetes, gout, and even the combination of the two.

But what really is the acidosis? Well, as what the name implies, it is the state where the body has too many acids. Even though it may seem to be just a simple lack of the acid-alkaline balance, but the truth is it is a big deal. The internal environment will definitely and literally get polluted due to the too much acids reek in the bloodstream.

Then, how does the acidosis is spreading the destruction?

The pollution that you will get is absolutely literal which are the waste products, toxins, and garbage. Due to the acidosis, the excretory system is flooded with many trashes that leads to having the waste products’ huge portion are left to be circulating in the blood. Do you have an idea of how the garbage can cause floods if they are in the wrong place? This scenario is same as what can happen in the body. For example, if the uric acid has found its way into the synovial fluids where it is not supposed to go, then it can lead to gout. This is one of many ways, which a lost garbage can cause disease.

Having this excess waste material to exist inside the body is unhealthy even though they will not end up going to the wrong places. The basic chemistry will tell you that the free radicals came from the acidity. We may have already heard that before, so why the free radicals a big deal?

The following sentences may be filled with jargons, but it does not mean that only a genius can understand it.
Supposedly, the atom’s electrons should have a pair. The atoms with even numbers of electrons will not face any problems. However, if an electron seems to have no pair, it will then force to steal electrons of the other atoms. The atom which is victimized will then have an unpaired electron which will turn it into a free radical. This is causing a chain reaction. Occasionally, an atom will just settle in creating an electron’s shared pair. Either way, the atom’s chemical structure and functionalities are changed. Imagine of detaching one of your legs and reattaching it to your butt. Surely you will find in impractical and awkward, right? The normal motion of your body will have an alteration as well as having no function in the eyes due to forcing yourselves to walk butt first in order to navigate through the eyes.

This is what is happening to the body’s cells. An individual who is exposed to the free radicals will definitely lose the normal functionalities of these. An example for this is the cells may possibly suffer from insulin resistance if the insulin receptors of them will begin in malfunctioning. What it may lead to is the Type 2 diabetes.

The gout is undeniably a good sign that the body suffers from having too much acid and in specific, the uric acid. Hence, it is also a good sign that there will be a forthcoming insulin resistance will happen in the near future. In fact, the diabetes is not the only one that may occur. The acidosis which leads to toxicity is just the beginning of a suffering. Shortly, the problem will occur once the blood becomes thick.

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