How To Take The Colchicine For Acute Gout?


Taking various medications in the hopes of treating illnesses may be a bit complex. Often times, the more complicated the condition, the more complicated the medication will be. Furthermore, the difficulty may range from proper dosage to what you should be doing when taking the medication.

This article wishes to explain how to take the colchicine for acute gout. If you want to know this and more, feel free to give this article a read. You will surely be learning a lot. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading!

All about colchicine…

If you have already tried reading our previous articles, you may have already be aware that the colchicine doesn’t really cure the gout. If you haven’t read one yet, here is a quick recap.

The colchicine medication is a poison. Well, it might be straightforward, but I should tell the truth, right? And colchicine being a poison, is a 1000% fact. As a matter of fact, the colchicine is a poison that may cause damage to the body or may kill the users. I guess this is already enough as a recap.

Are you still willing to continue to try taking this medication? Here are some other facts that you may need to know:

Colchicine is a medication that falls under the category of mitotic inhibitor. It has the capacity of poisoning the cells to be able to obstruct the mitosis. We know that the mitosis is the reproductive process of the cells via cell division. By this way, the neutrophils that attacks the uric acid crystals will get much fewer in number thus causing lesser pain. Moreover, their own cytoskeletal structure is being impaired by the colchicine. This is for them not to overwhelm the uric acid crystals. Furthermore, it is also for the purpose of not causing pain and inflammation.

What is bad in this for us? Well, actually, everything. As you can see, the colchicine may impede the mitosis process of any cells in the body. This may cause hair loss, impotency, abnormal blood counts, immune system suppression and many others.

Do you not feel frightened yet? Are you still willing to trade your life for just a temporary relief for pain? Are you willing to fake your body’s homeostasis? If yes, then I will try to explain how to take colchicine for acute gout


Remember, you shouldn’t take this article as a license to ingest or purchase colchicine. This is just for informative purposes.

Commonly, the colchicine comes in 0.5-0.6 milligram-tablets. Furthermore, the all-out dosage of the colchicine is 1.2 milligrams a day. This is if it is in a preventive approach. For that reason, it will be 0.6 milligrams once or even twice a day. You shouldn’t exceed this or else, it may cause some gastrointestinal problems, and even overdose. Always bear in mind that colchicine is very toxic. Moreover, colchicine takes about  24 hours before it is totally cleared in the body. Therefore, it is way easier for the colchicine to accrue in the body system.

For the treatment during a gout attack, it is commonly suggested that you take a one-time-big-time 1.2 milligrams of colchicine during the start and then another 0.6 milligrams after an hour.

Factors to consider when taking colchicine

As some sort of continuation to answering the question “how to take colchicine for acute gout”, we will now be discussing about the additional thoughts you must take into consideration when you are taking colchicine.

  • Is your child breastfeeding from you?
  • Have you experienced allergies to other medications?
  • Do you have problems with digestion?
  • Do you have disorders in your kidneys or liver?
  • Do you have blood or bone marrow disorders?
  • Are you taking other medications?
  • Are you taking other medications?
  • Are you taking other medications for gout?
  • Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant?

Furthermore, you must also exercise the following general cautions:

  • Since the colchicine isn’t a treatment for gout, you must still exercise the essential processes you must undergo in your own gout treatment, just like low purine diet.
  • Remember, it is your own medicine, not someone else’s. Don’t play genius and suggest the medicine to others who’ll in turn take your word as a gospel. Your own situation may be different from someone else’s. Once more, the colchicine is toxic so if you take it without any prescription, you might end up being sorry.
  • Think of telling your doctor if you don’t feel any improvement. This means that the “pain relief” and not the reduction of the uric acid.
  • Keep out colchicine out of reach of children, especially because it is toxic.

Always bear in mind that the colchicine is just like any other medications out there, which may cause severe side effects to the body. You must always think about it twice before you jump into conclusion and take it. This is especially true when talking about the colchicine. As what I’ve said earlier, it is a toxic mitotic inhibitor that may poison you and may fool your system.


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