Fruits That You Must Avoid For Gout


As strangely as it can, gout always toss lots and lots of weirdness counter to all its sufferers. For some, the diet that some sufferers use can quite be ironic (if not weird). Envision, you are obliged to avoid the nutritious and the non-nutritious foods similar. This is in contrast to the logic of some other illnesses that goes like “The more nutritious the food, the more that it is better for the health.” For example, a good number of fruits are bad for the condition of gout. In this article, you will get to know about a good number of fruit that are bad for the condition. Read on and know more about it!

Gout: What causes it?

Just a little recap, most likely, you’re already aware that gout is caused by the crystallization of the uric acid in the joints. The purine is being converted into uric acid. If an excessive amount of the uric acid accumulates, then gout happens. That being said, we can conclude that fruits are rich in purine, that’s why they should be avoided. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Purine isn’t actually the main culprit in here. This is since the purine is unavoidable. In whatever food you eat, there is purine –that is for a fact. It will always be there, in your body, in all the foods you eat, and wherever in you. Furthermore, purine is the building block of the building blocks of life –the cells. When purine is not present, DNA’s nucleotides will not be made. Therefore, there will be no life. This just means that wherever the cell is, there is purine.

In the case of the cells dying, purine is unleashed into the bloodstream. Therefore, the purine is inevitable. No matter what happens, the uric acid will exist in you. What’s the good news here is that the body is very good when it comes to excreting the uric acid. Not unless, of course, if you have a subpar kidney. There’ll always be these other types of acids, which may cause harm and distract the kidneys from excreting uric acid.

In general, acids are harmful to the body. this is due to the fact that the body relies on a strict acid to alkaline balance. With so much acids, the scale will move siding them, and with excessive amount of acids, the health may decline. Given the pleasures of the modern life, us people tend to suffer from acidotic bodies.

Because of the acids, being harmful to the body, they must be excreted one way or the other. Therefore, these acids, just like lactic and oxalic acid are all being excreted and adds up into the burden of the kidneys. The more acidic the body is, the more of them being excreted, and the lesser uric acid to be flushed out. Furthermore, the fruits that you must avoid with gout has this acids.

Oxalate-rich fruits

First on the list of the fruits that you must avoid are the fruits that are rich in oxalate. As stated above, the oxalic acid will be an additional burden to the kidneys, which reduces the rate on which the uric acid is being excreted. The oxalic acid adds to the saturation of the fluids, thus making it much easier for the uric acid to crystallize.

In order for the uric acid to crystallize, it must reach the point of saturation. The saturation point is when the solute volume is very high for the solvent to dissolve. The uric acid, on the other hand, will both be solutes in the body, increasing both of which is not a good thing at all. This will increase the risk of gout attack, as well as the crystallization. The worse thing is that it can saturate in the kidneys thus forming uric acid kidney stones.

Some examples of these fruits that contain moderate to high levels of oxalate include kiwi, mangoes, oranges, strawberries, blackberries, and lemons.

Foods rich in fructose

It is said that fructose is big no for gout. It may not be acidic. However, it is capable of accelerating the lactic acid production. then again, the more acids there are, the lesser excretion of uric acid. All of the fruits contain fructose in them. Some of these kind of fruits include apple, strawberry, and watermelon.


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