The Connection Between Gout And Kidney Stones


In this article, you will get to know and understand thoroughly the connection between gout and kidney stones. Is there a danger of developing stones in the kidney when suffering from gout? Do they really have a link with each other? Read on to this article to know!

Gout and Kidney Stones: The kidney stones

The kidney stones aren’t just painful like gout but are both developed because of the high levels of uric acid in the blood. If you are suffering from gout, you’re at much higher risk of developing kidney stones. Especially in the near future, if you are not watching your diet and treating your gout in the proper way.

Once you already developed kidney stones in your body, you are more prone to developing it again. This causes it to become a recurring condition, which is hard to deal with. Moreover, the kidney stones are usually crystalline minerals, which form in the urinary tract. This may cause severe pain in either the groin or the stomach area. This usually causes blood in the urine. The kidney stones will then appear. Furthermore, you will also get a burning sensation when you are peeing, and just like gout attacks, this can be a kidney stone attack.

Typically, the uric acid can be flushed out by the kidneys. Nevertheless, acidosis supports in causing gout. If you already have reached a certain point wherein the uric acid become crystallized and ended up causing gout, the chances are you have an acidotic body. Remember, an excessive amount of acids in the body may help the uric to saturate, and eventually crystallize. This may happen in both the kidneys and the joints. The saturation is the point where the bloodstream’s almost in the state where it’s the uric acid with the bloodstream, rather than the bloodstream with uric acid.

Gout and Kidney Stones: Their Connection

It is nearly a surety that you can get kidney stones at least once in your life, especially if you experience gout. This is if you failed in fulfilling the healthy habits essential to avoiding gout from getting worse, as well as the coming of the complications of it, which are so unwelcome and lethal. This certain fact is as clear as a water. They may appear in the kidneys too, as long as they have the right circumstances.

As a matter of fact, there is an assurance that all of the complications of gout may hit you. Only if you’re going to live long enough to see all of it. For instance, you lived for about 200 years and then during the course of that 200 years, you decided to not live healthy despite your hyperuricemia and gout. This just means that the hitches will hit you in order all throughout your life. Enthusiastically, we don’t have that such longevity of life.

Now, going back to the connection between kidney stones and gout. Isn’t it true that I said, it is almost of a guarantee that you can get kidney stones because of gout? Well, this is due to the presence of the uric acid. The more that is stays in the body, the more chances of the kidney stones to form.

Gout and Kidney Stones: Not just what you eat, but how you eat it

Actually, is a matter of strategy and timing. Kidney stones and gout may show themselves even without timing or with no indications of them showing up. Nevertheless, you may time your diet in order to keep away the stones from building up. There’s an opposite word for the term acid –and that is alkaline. This only means that the alkaline diet may be beneficial in treating not just gout, but the kidney stones as well.

Furthermore, there is no doubt as well that the alkaline foods are powerful in treating the aforementioned conditions. It has the capability of balancing the pH levels in the bloodstream. Through this, the acidity level in the body reduces. The lesser the levels of acids in the body, the lesser the probability that gout and kidney stones will develop. What you can do is to change your own lifestyle if you want to avoid having these conditions in the near future.


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