How Long Does Colchicine Stay In The System?


Life, without a doubt, is an amazing journey to take on. The choices of paths that we cross may spell the difference in between individuals. From time to time, it is amazing that we have to turn left just to go right. What’s more amazing as we are to embark on this particular journey, there are thousands and thousands of journeys that may happen inside the body.

One example of this journey is actually the trip of the medicines that we take all throughout the body. As a matter of fact, the medicines that we take has a very long journey that doesn’t end when they enter the gastrointestinal tract. Because of this, they stay in the system for a very long period of time.

This article wishes to explain the path that the medicines take in the body thus answering the question, “How long does colchicine stay in the system?”

How Body Absorbs Medicine

As what is stated above, the journey to absorbing a medicine is very long. Well, this long journey starts when you gulp the medicine hence ending up in the stomach. As the stomach is acidic, just like any other substance who goes into the stomach, the medicine, will be dissolved. At that time, the substance that’s dissolved will go into the small intestine and via the intestinal walls thus ending up into an immense network of blood vessels, which will be sending it into the liver for the processing.

Commonly, the medicine will not be engrossed at a 100% rate. Why? Well, this is mainly because the enzymes in the liver respond with the medications thus making them useless as medicines and transforming them into metabolites. Moreover, the waste force of the med will be sent to the bloodstream, which will take a trip through the body.

Every corner and angle will be reached that’s the reason why the “surviving” percentage of the medicine may typically reach its own target location. Nevertheless, these fighters will be more abridged as soon as they encounter the enzymes, as well as the autoimmune mechanisms, which aims to oust the foreign entities. Over the course of time, the effectiveness of the medication abate in the bod gradually. This is especially because the chemicals flow back to the liver repeatedly!

How long does colchicine stay in the system?

Just like any other foods that we eat, the colchicine, is eventually flushed out once taken. It will meet enzymes, which are destined to kick it off the body. Furthermore, the medication blood dose is said to reduce by no less than half for every two hours in an average. Accordingly, it may take about 24 hours up to 2 days just to excrete the chemical out of the body completely.

For an even more precise answer to the question, “How long does colchicine stay in my system”, we must look at some other factors too. However, take note that there are no sufficient technologies that may prove how long will it take for the colchicine to get expelled out of the body.

Furthermore, there are also some other factors, which may prolong the stay of the colchicine in the system. For example, what and how much you ate. As the gastrointestinal tract is the landing zone of any medicine, the volume of the food in the stomach may cause the medication to be dissolved much slowly.

This may reduce the effectiveness of the medication too. This just means that it’ll not be engrossed in a large mass and it’ll be much easier for the enzymes to eject or break down the small chunks of the medicine. For short, eating excessively before or after taking the colchicine may increase the colchicine’s stay in the body and will lessen its effectiveness.

To sum up, it’s impossible to answer the question “How long does colchicine stay in my system?”  , accurately. All that we can do is to estimate that it may take a few days for it to exit the system totally. Just make sure to take the right provisions when you take the medicine. Furthermore, make sure as well that you will not improvise the dosage! Most especially because the colchicine is a poison. There are some other options aside from this medication. For example, you can deal with the cause of the condition to stop it for good.


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