Colchicine For Gout: Is It Really Beneficial?


It is for a fact that treating the condition of gout is a very wrong and a very tiresome process of pill-swallowing and self-restraint. This is why many people choose to just give up on their condition. They just chose to endure gout forever, with the help of course, of pain relievers, NSAIDs, colchicine, and anti-inflammatories.

Moreover, there are some people who instead binge-eat or drink and take medications like colchicine to comfort the pain together with allopurinol aims to reduce the level of the uric acid, even though it does not.

This particular path is much easier. Ensuing a very strict gout meal diet plan is very difficult. The same goes for the avoidance of the foods that are bad for the condition. Not to mention the horrible connection between gout and alcoholic beverages. What’s the sad thing is that the path is not a very ideal one. Do you want to rely on colchicine for keeps? Well, this particular dependence will cause you no god at all.

This article wishes to clarify the effects of colchicine for gout. Read on and get to know more about this medication.

Colchicine: The Fastest medication for gout?

If you have already tried taking colchicine once, the relief may come almost in an instant. And then, after one hour, both the inflammation and pain will bid their farewell, end between their legs. This is what actually leads to the false assumption that the colchicine is a powerful pill that’s beneficial in treating gout. The truth is –it does not. It just masks the symptoms, specifically the pain and inflammation.

Although it looks cool that there’s a medication that may be capable of removing the pain and the inflammation in a short amount of time, it really is not. Why? Well, this is because taking colchicine for gout is like literally swallowing a capsule of poison. Yes, it is capable of removing the pain and inflammation thru removing the body’s capacity to feel the pain and produce inflammation. In the actual fact, the pain and the inflammation relief are just the side effects. The harm that it brings about is actually the main effect.

Firstly, the colchicine is factually a poison. It is in fact, a derivative of a poisonous plant that is called colchicum. Do you not believe me? Well, if you want a proof, crush the medicine and then sprinkle it into your own eyes. There’ll be two things that may happen to you –either you die or you will go blind.

Furthermore, the colchicine is part of the category of medicines known as the mitotic inhibitors. As its name implies, it hinders the natural process of the body called, mitosis.

The mitosis is the process wherein the cells multiply. It’s the process where the cells, which are the building block of life, the upsurge in number. All of the bodily mechanisms depend on the reproduction of the cells. If you got a cut in the skin, mitosis is the ones that repair it. Have an awesome night drunk alcohol last night? Certainly, binge-drinking has inflicted quite a lot damage to your liver and kidneys. Appreciatively, mitosis is there to do all the necessary repairs.

Name whichever process in the body and I will guarantee you that the mitosis is a part of it. Without the mitosis, the cell counts will drastically drop particularly because the cells experience apoptosis. As you take the colchicine for gout, your cells will decrease in number.

As the mitosis is being inhibited, the white blood cells will drop in number. Therefore, there are some of them that will attack the existing uric acid. Through this way, there will be less pain-and-inflammation signals that will be sent. hence, the pain and inflammation will subside. As you can see, the major effects of the colchicine are to stop mitosis. The pain relief is just simply its side effect.

Furthermore, the colchicine constrains the mitosis by damaging the microtubules. These microtubules are the parts of the cell who’s responsible for the pulling of the chromosomes apart throughout mitosis. Therefore, mitosis will never happen at all. Because the microtubules also allow white bold cells to alter their shape to overwhelm the invading bodies, the white blood cells will lose the ability to do so also hence further amplifying the capacity of the colchicine to at least, lower the pain and inflammation.


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