How Does Colchicine Work In Treating Gout?


The modern medicine has really evolved to a certain state wherein the most common of all the illnesses have medications now. To a chief extent, most of these medicines have now proved themselves very effective. Unluckily, this particular effectiveness commonly comes at a great cost.

Due to the fact that a lot of illnesses, as well as the pain they inflict come from the autoimmune defenses of the body, the medications must disrupt the balance of the body to be able to produce a much more effective medication. This just means that most of the medications may result in some severe consequences. One of these medications is the colchicine, a medication that is used in reducing the pain during the onset of gout attacks.

This article wishes to explain how does colchicine work in treating gout. In contrast to the common belief, the colchicine is not actually a pain killer.

For us to understand more about how colchicine works for gout, we must first know how the cells reproduce.

How Do Cells Reproduce?

The cells, these are the basic building blocks of life. They may be small, yet, they are multifaceted entities. Even the process of reproduction of the cells is very complex. Yes, it is very complicated. However, you don’t need to be scared of it. I will not be explaining on the rocket science of the reproduction of the cells. I’ll not explain about the manufacturing process of Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylalaylglutaminylprolylleucylglutaminylserylserylthreonylalanylthreonylphenylalanrylglycylphenylalanylprolylvalylprolyl. Don’t worry, we’ll only deal with the basics of the cell division or the so-called mitosis.

Bear in mind of the following facts as they are very important to answer the question “how does colchicine work to treat gout”

First, as we grow, the cell does not. No. They actually don’t increase in mass. Simply, they increase in number, and unlike us, they don’t need a pair in order to multiply. As a matter of fact, the cells reproduce by dividing themselves into two. This process starts when the set of a protein known as the centrosome duplicates itself. What’s next is the duplication of the DNA.

In fact, the helix of the DNA is divided into two, thus forming the chromosomes. What’s amazing here is that the DNA is like a zipper. Half of it may produce a copy of its other half as no other combination of copy may fit. Envision yourself being sliced in half and your upper body grows its own lower body and vice versa!

Following, the centrosome transports to the opposite edges of the cell thus leaving behind a rope known as the microtubules. The microtubules will serve as the “skeleton” of the cells. The rope that’s left behind will pull the chromosomes and then divide them into two. Then eventually, it will be dividing the cells.

How Does Colchicine Work in Treating Gout?

Why bother in understanding the science behind the cell reproduction? Well, because of the colchicine is a mitotic inhibitor. It just means that it may disturb the process of mitosis to treating gout and relieving the pain.

Gout attacks may occur when the body activates its own autoimmune responses. Furthermore, the uric acid crystals that live in the synovial fluids of the joints are then renowned as foreign entities by the body, and the body is not very welcoming to any of these. If it detects a foreign entity, the instinctive immune system will then be utilized. Furthermore, the neutrophils are then sent to abolish the foreign entity. They will try to overcome the crystal yet because it is inorganic, they may not be capable of devouring it. This may cause them to send some signals for the reinforcement and may cause pain

The Colchicine works by way of poisoning you. They in fact, react with the proteins in order to disrupt the microtubules. Deprived of this rope in pulling the cell apart, mitosis will be prevented. This may cause little neutrophils to attack the attacking body. As the neutrophils are self-destructing, eventually, they will die out in the area that’s affected.

In addition, the lack of microtubules may prevent the neutrophils from overwhelming the uric acid crystal, just like how the fracture may prevent someone from moving freely.

Hence, it must not be a question of “How does colchicine work to treat gout?”. It must be a question of “Does colchicine treat gout at all?” The answer to the latter question is actually very easy, it is a big no, and it doesn’t treat gout. It just simply create an illusion of relief from pain.

If you are going to look for something that will really help you with gout, choose the one that will not cause you any harm.


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