Zyloric: What Does This Medication Really Do?


When talking about alternative medicine, it is common that medical practitioners have their eyebrows raised. This is mainly due to lots and lots of lots of questions of their own credibility. However, there are some points where in the classical medicine has its own doubts.

Once a person hears about a seemingly magical and effective medicine, he or she might just teem with lots of questions and will usually come to think that it is fake. However, what he or she don’t know is that their own trusted medicine is actually fake too. This is the common misconception of people. They often think that if someone says that a particular thing is amazingly effective, they will not believe and tell that it’s just a quack, when in fact, even theirs is quack too.

In this article, we will be discussing the effectiveness of a certain medicine. I am referring to Zyloric. Read on to this and get to know whether it is an effective medicine or not, as well as its real use.

Zyloric: What is this medication?

Zyloric is actually a brand name of the medication allopurinol, which falls under the Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors category of medicine. This particular medicine works by way of slowing down the speed of a particular chemical reaction in the body. This is mainly to lower or reduce the level of uric acid in the urine, as well as in the blood.

Zyloric is used in the prevention of the formation of the uric or urate acid deposition in conditions wherein the body yields too much of the substance, so-called uric acid. These conditions may include gout and certain types of kidney stones or particular types of kidney conditions. It might also be used when you’re currently having your treatments for cancer or any other illnesses.

In the case of gout, the uric acid accumulates in the joints, as well as in the tendons in the form of crystals. These particular crystals may cause a fiery reaction to the body or to that particular part that is affected. Moreover, the inflammation may cause the skin allover the area to become tenderly swollen, and sore even you just touched it slightly. You may also get the severe type of pain when you move your affected joints.

Zyloric: Is it effective for gout?

Zyloric is one of the most common used medication in treating gout. If you would ask a certain person who suffers from gout on what is the use of Zyloric for them, you may end up getting the answer, “Zyloric helps in lowering my uric acid, it helps cure my gout”. For some of the sufferers of gout, they consider Zyloric as a very effective type of medicine for gout. It helps them in relieving the pain that they feel because of the condition. And it frees them from the anguish of inflammation and pain. Unluckily, this isn’t the case all the time –there are times that it can be the opposite.

First and foremost, the Zyloric doesn’t flush the uric acid out. It is just like some other brands of allopurinol that is available in the market. Furthermore, it doesn’t even help in the whole process. What is actually does is that it pauses the uric acid production in just a short period of time. This is what gives more time to flush the uric acid that’s existing in the body. Unluckily, the next batch of the uric acid will become more than how it is before.

So, if you are going to ask me about what really is the use of Zyloric, I’m going to say that it pauses the uric acid production.

Zyloric: What does it really do?

As stated earlier, Zyloric falls Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors category of medicine. And because of this, it disrupts the natural process of the metabolism of purine in the body. Do you know what is purine? Well, this is a macromolecule that is being utilized by the body in order to manufacture the DNA’s nucleotides. These purines are present everywhere in the body. Additionally, all the foods that we eat also contain this substance.

However, this purine is a macromolecule, thus, it is hard to excrete it in the body. It must be broken down into uric acid in order to excrete it. When the liver detects purine, it mobilizes the Xanthine Oxidase that is mainly responsible for breaking purine down into uric acid.

However, this particular process can be disrupted by the Zyloric. It is in fact, a purine analog that has a structure that’s almost the same as the structure of purine. The Xanthine Oxidase will mistakenly identify it as purine and make it too occupied by the drug. Once there is no more Zyloric that disrupts the Xanthine Oxidase, all the occupied Zyloric will be converted into uric acid. This may cause more severe gout attacks.

Remember, Zyloric just pauses the uric acid production. and this is just to double the distress later. It is mainly on the negative side, rather than in the positive one. It causes more harm than good. So be careful of this particular drug!


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