Is There A Need To Find An Alternative For Zyloric?


Gout attacks are inevitable and unpredictable. They occur when you least expect them to happen. That’s why some sufferers tend to take their medicines in no particular time. However, what they don’t know is that the timing of taking medications can mean relief, as well as pain for them. In the actual fact, it can be a life and death situation to some. One medication that some people aren’t sure when to take is Zyloric. In this article, you will get to know when should one take Zyloric. Does it need to be taken regularly? In the course of the attack? Let’s see!


Zyloric is one of the brand names of allopurinol. The allopurinol is part of the Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor medicines. This specific medicine works thru the deceleration of the speed of a certain chemical reaction in the body. This is mainly to  reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood and in the urine.

Moreover, Zyloric is also beneficial in the prevention of the formation of the uric acid deposition. Most especially in circumstances in which the body produces excessively of uric acid. These illnesses may include gout and various types of kidney stones or some types of kidney conditions. It might also be beneficial when you’re currently having your treatments for cancer or any other illnesses.

Zyloric is actually, one of the most commonly used medicine for gout. For some of the sufferers of gout, they consider Zyloric as a very effective for their condition. It really helps them in relieving the pain that they feel because of the condition. And it sets them free from the agony of inflammation and pain. Unluckily, this isn’t the case all the time –there are times that it can be the opposite.

When to take Zyloric?

Zyloric is commonly prescribed in order to prevent gout attacks. One must also take it every single day, commonly in an increasing manner. There is a target uric level that is set. Then the treatments begin by 100-milligram dosage, and increasing by about 100 milligrams every day until it reaches 800 milligrams or the target uric acid level.

Should I take it before gout attacks?

If you have been suffering from the condition for quite some time, the chances are your doctor prescribed the allopurinol together with some pain relievers commonly colchicine. Unluckily, the allopurinol has been known to cause some severe attacks of gout. Thus, taking Zyloric may not help in preventing gout attacks.

Should I take it during gout attacks?

Zyloric may just make the gout attacks even worse if you take them in the course of the gout attack. It will pause the uric acid production, however, once all the Zyloric acid in the body are already used up, the liver will pull alongside by trying to break all of the prevailing purine down.

Is Zyloric safe when having Hyperuricemia?

Once a certain person finds out that he has hyperuricemia, allopurinol medications, including Zyloric is being prescribed to be able to reduce the uric acid levels. However, the question here is that, “Is this the right time to take Zyloric?”. Possible. Firstly, this will be beneficial for the condition, however, as the time passes by, you may find the medicine doing more harm than giving relief. Once you stop taking Zyloric, the uric acid will rush in due to all the unprocessed purine. This will give a further boost to the occurrence of uric acid kidney stone and gout attack. And instead of gradually being flushed out of the body, the uric acid is exerted at the same time. This will increase the ratio of the solute to solvent. Therefore, it is much easier for the uric acid to become crystal. This will now lead to gout and even kidney stone.

When should one take Zyloric: Once every *

Professionals say that Zyloric will not be that much of a great help. You may also take it once in a while. However, relying on it may just bring damage to the body for a long period of time. Zyloric is not that ideal in treating gout, uric acid kidney stone, or even in hyperuricemia. If you fail to treat your own uric acid problem while the medicine is in its peak effect, you may get in trouble. When the existing uric acid and the uric acid from purine will combine, a vicious destruction in the body may happen.


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