What Is The Best Medicine For Gout?


There is a multitude of medicines that are available for gout. There are branded, and of course, the generic ones. Furthermore, there are some of these medications that boast about their own effects on gout. However, some just claim to be effective but their own efficacy is not proven. Because of this particular fact, selecting the best medicine for gout is quite a heavy task. Arranging what medicines are effective and what is not, are a bit pain in the head. It’s a hard task to do, in short.

In this article, you will get to understand more about the best medicine for gout. Read on to know more!

The Best For Others Can Be Worst For You…

Selecting the best medicine for gout may depend from a person to another. This is mainly because the single drug tolerance is quite unique. There may be a tendency that a certain person is not able to tolerate NSAID because of their stomach getting so upset, but what do you know? You might be able to tolerate it and may be effective for you. There are also some instances that some may need quite a dosage of the colchicine in order to relieve their pain. But there are also some who will not have any effects on their body at all. With that being said, it is impossible to determine which is really the best medicine for gout. However, there is this one basis that will stay true from one person to the other: the best medicine for gout must be a medicine that is capable of curing the gout once and for all.

NSAIDs: What are these?

The Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs are anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, and analgesic medications. This just means that they have the capacity to remove the inflammation, pain, and even fever. Mainly, gout is characterized by the inflammation and pain. Thus, NSAIDs are good contenders for the best medicine for gout award (if that really exists). However, they are just some temporary solutions. Moreover, the inflammation and pain will be gone, but the root cause of the pain will still linger on the joints. This lingering pain comes mainly from the uric acid crystals. What’s even worse is that the NSAIDs may even get worse over the course of time. This is mainly because of a particular mechanism that removes the inflammation and pain.

Moreover, the Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs gets rid of the pain and inflammation by way of inhibiting the cyclooxygenase enzyme, which is responsible for the induction of the pain and inflammation. The sad thing is that the very same enzyme, it is also the one who’s responsible for maintaining the stomach’s epithelium. This is the reason why the Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs may cause ulceration, as well as gastrointestinal bleeding.

Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs may not be the best medicine for gout, but it is undeniable that they are viable options if you want to temporarily relieve the pain. However, always remember that it is not good to be dependent on NSAIDs too much.


This is yet another temporary solution. Colchicine is a mitotic inhibitor and helps in relieving inflammation and pain by way of inhibiting mitosis. We know that mitosis is the process wherein the cells reproduce by themselves. This reduces the cell numbers, including the white blood cells. Therefore, no white blood cells may come to attack the uric acid crystal that’s forming. By this way, the pain and inflammation will be averted and will be stopped. Furthermore, the colchicine does it real fast. However, does it really make the colchicine the best of the medicines for gout? I guess it doesn’t. In the actual fact, it does not address the root cause of gout, which is the uric acid crystal.



There are some who thinks that the allopurinol is the best medicine for gout. This is because it is beneficial in lowering the levels of the uric acid. It is true that the uric acid level helps in reducing the uric acid, but this is not a guarantee that it is capable of flushing out the acids. As a matter of fact, allopurinol just pauses the production of the uric acid and it doesn’t stop it.

The bottom line here is that there really is no best medicine for gout, just yet. Maybe, as the technology advances our professionals will be able to produce one that can be of a great help for the condition.


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