The Symptoms Of Uric Acid Kidney Stones

Anatomy of female RENAL system x-ray view

The uric acid kidney stones may be of a very terrifying pain to feel. Even with various surgical procedures in removing the kidney stones may be frightening. They, in fact, make the stone explode inside of your body, commonly while a stent is being passed via the private part of the body. due to this particular fact, it’s very important to know about the symptoms of the uric acid kidney stones. This is for you to not suffer from them for a very long period of time.

This article wishes to elucidate both the apparent and not-so-apparent symptoms of the uric acid kidney stone.

Uric Acid Kidney Stone and Gout: A package deal

Commonly, a person who suffers from gout will experience having a uric acid kidney stone, or vice versa. This is due to the fact that they are results of one root cause, the high uric acid level. Henceforth, apart from knowing all the symptoms of the uric acid kidney stones, you must also know the symptoms of the high uric acid level to be able to avoid the kidney stones.

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Stones

  • Urinary Tract Infection– when the stones wound the urinary tract, the likelihood of infection increases.
  • Severe Back Pain– the bladder is full but unable to discharge at maximum rate because the urinary tract is blocked by kidney stones causes this.
  • Increased Sweating– as you lose your ability to excrete through the urine, the body marks up by way of excreting through sweat.
  • Frequent Urination With Fewer Urine– occasionally, it’s even escorted by pain and bleeding.
  • Cloudy And Foul-Smelling Urine– this is due to the presence of toxins in the urine as the urinary tract miscarries to excrete toxins

Lesser Obvious Signs and Symptoms of Uric Acid Kidney Stone

There are some of the symptoms that even doctors fail to recognize. Bear in mind that they don’t essentially mean that you already have uric acid kidney stones. However, it will probably indicate a high level of uric acid, which is the prime suspect of both gout and uric acid kidney stones.

Firstly, the high concentration of the uric acid in the blood can make the blood thicker. Hypothetically, the blood cells resist each other since their own surface are being comprised of molecules that have negative charge more than the positive charge. Furthermore, just like a magnet, the surfaces with the similar charge will deter each other.  Henceforth, the blood cells will not stick together. Nonetheless, the presence of positively charged particles from the acids may increase the positive charge on the cell surface, hence causing various cells to be get charged positively, and the others negatively. This just means that certain cells may be attracted to each other hence causing them to coagulate, get darker and thicker.

Because of this, the blood pressure may increase the blood demand more and more force to get distributed allover the body. This may cause high blood pressure. Furthermore, the absence of the blood supply may also cause dizziness, headaches, lack of physical strength, lack of focus that may lead to daydreaming, and even the damage of mental aspects just like creativity and analysis.

Moreover, the high level of acids through the body may begin destroying the walls of the cell. Since the acidity is the main concentration of the Hydrogen atoms, it also means that the acidity is the high concentration of free radicals. We know that the free radicals devastate the cell walls.

This is mainly because the free radicals are actually atoms. This means that it has an excess number of the electron that requires additional electron to pair with. Therefore, the free radicals either take the electrons from the cell walls or they bind with them, therefore, changing the chemical structure of a cell. This has a lot of negative effects, just like the insulin resistance that then leads to the high blood sugar and even diabetes.


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