How Really Pro Is Progout And Allopurinol?


Gout is a condition that demands insistence. Not due to the fact that it is deadly, but because of its own pain, which is nearly second to none. Therefore, a lot of medications and supposed treatment showed from the thin air. Some of which are backed by indecisive studies, which are presented in a one-sided manner. Furthermore, the others are backed by various concrete science and is released officially by pharmacies. Unluckily though, not all kinds of medications works. Generic or not, all of the medications have their own disadvantages.

The allopurinol, the generic name of progout is just like a magic medicine, which may reduce the uric acid levels instantly. Is it a black magic? A witchcraft? A sorcery? Well, believe me, it is not! It is pure science, with a bit of a trickery.

This article wishes to explain how pro really is allopurinol and progout. Is it really prop for a gout treatment? Or just a pro in treachery? Read on to know the answer!

All Medicines Are Created Equal

May it be it progout, Zyloric or Zyloprim, all the allopurinol are equally created. The only difference will be the insignificant physical abilities just like its size, shape, and color. Furthermore, there may also be an insignificant difference in the chemical structure since the chemical binders, coloration, fillers, and preservatives. Therefore, even the cheaper generic brand is as effective or ineffective as the branded one. The brands are just like the nicknames of the same person. Moreover, the generic name is that particular person’s name, which is then under the family name. In the case of the progout with a generic name allopurinol, it’s actually under a classification known as the xanthine oxidase inhibitors.

Quick Facts on Allopurinol

Allopurinol is beneficial in treating gout. The allopurinol reduces the level of uric. It is commonly recommended to those who suffer from gout, the patients with uric acid kidney stones and to those who experience chemotherapy. The same as any other medications, it has lots of side effects. Those side effects may be deadly even though not in the case of overdose.

Mechanisms of Allopurinol

Allopurinol is perhaps the ultimate impostor the world of medicine has ever seen. Not that it doesn’t have any effects, but because all of its effects comprises deceptions persecuting the mechanisms of the body.

Moreover, allopurinol is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor. That being said, it is an inhibitor, which may inhibit a natural enzyme that’s being utilized by the body called the xanthine oxidase. The xanthine oxidase is the enzyme that’s responsible for the break down of purine into uric acid. Since purine is a huge molecule, it must be broken down into uric acid to be able for it to get expelled out of the body.

We know that purine is located everywhere in the body. It’s actually the building blocks of the DNA, and we know that we have DNA everywhere, isn’t it? Moreover, purine is available in all of the foods we eat. This just means that the uric acid will always be present in the body.

Without the xanthine oxidase, the purine will not have the capacity to break down the uric acid. This is actually good as the body will be given enough time to flush out the uric acid. Nevertheless, you must remember that purine must be changed into uric acid for it to be flushed out of the body. Forlornly, it’ll just accrue in the body if it isn’t flushed out. For short, the allopurinol will just pause the uric acid production and not stop it. Eventually, the current purine must be broken down into uric acid to be flushed. We can say that allopurinol cannot really flush the uric acid out of the body. It just pauses its production. Remember that!

Side Effects of Allopurinol

Even though the generic name of progout, which is allopurinol, may not sound lethal, there is a tendency that it can be! It is a given that medicines can impose side effects once you get overdosed, however, even with the lack of overdose, the allopurinol may still be lethal!

The worst of its side effects actually includes blood complications, hepatitis, Steven-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. The last two are skin diseases, which may literally peel you alive! The worse, the internal organs may suffer from necrosis too. In human terms, the organs are being eaten by the cells themselves.


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