What Is The Proper Dosage For Progout?



The medicines that are used in treating gout have really complicated dosages. You are going to take X milligrams then after a Y amount of time take Z milligrams if the condition A is well and true. Therefore, the medications for gout need the highest care. If ever a mistake happens, it may lead to a harshly damaging, if not lethal, effects to the patients.

Did you know that colchicine may be deadly in a wrong dosage? Well, if only carefulness is a medication that may be prescribed together with gout medicines. This article wishes to explain the proper dosage for progout. Read on to know this and more!

What is progout?

The progout is a brand name for the medication, allopurinol. It is actually prescribed for various conditions that involve a high level of uric acid, just like post-chemotherapy, hyperuricemia and gout. In the actual fact, progout is very popular in Australia.

Dosage of Progout

Progout, as what I’ve said earlier, is an allopurinol in general. It is commonly taken in an increasing manner. There is a target uric acid level that is set, and then a patient will be taking 100 milligrams of it daily and it’ll be increased by about 100 milligrams weekly ‘til the uric acid level reaches its maximum target dosage. The maximum dosage is going to be 800 milligrams a day. Bear in mind that this particular dosage is for those who suffer from gout.

There are some other conditions wherein the progout is used and requires divers dosage. Further than this, a patient may agonize from the overdose. Those patients who suffer from any kidney or liver conditions may suffer from the overdose even though it’s below the dosage that is recommended. This is due to the fact that the bioavailability of the allopurinol upsurges as the excretion rate of the kidney declines. Even though this may seem valuable, it isn’t due to the fact that it makes a patient more vulnerable to overdose.

Progout Overdose

Over and above the recommended progout dosage may lead to overdose, although the effects of progout overdose is a bit obscure, it’s a guarantee that it’ll prompt the side effects that are associated with the medicine. For example, diarrhea is an assurance because the body will try to flush out the undesired volume of allopurinol.

Some other progout overdose effects may also include the illnesses wherein an oversensitive patient, which may suffer from taking a normal dosage of progout.  All of these effects may include skin rash, fever, hepatitis, eosinophilia, and abridged renal function.

The presence of excessive levels of allopurinol in the bloodstream is usually toxic and may ruin the kidney, as well as the liver. Therefore, having a caution is important.

Avoiding Progout Overdose

  1. Tell your doctor all about your existing medical conditions, most especially those that affect the liver, kidneys, and blood. For instance, any kidney or liver condition. Another example will be anemia. The allopurinol may reduce the blood counts, as well as harm the bone marrow hence it may make this kind of conditions much worse.
  2. Never extemporize! Progout is a very sensitive medicine. A small change in the dosage may be devastating. One wrong dosage may cause the blood count to drip and the urinary system to get damaged.
  3. Always listen to the prescription of your doctor! The dosage guideline of progout differs from a person to another.

The bioavailability of the allopurinol upsurges if you have renal inadequacy since the liver awards it more clearance though the kidneys expel lesser allopurinol.

  1. Never be oblivious! Due to the fact that the progout dosage is a bit complicated, it’ll not be new to patients who are suffering from an overdose. It‘ll be good if you sustain a list of when you should take the medicine. If you will miss a previous dosage, don’t take twice of the dosage the next time.
  2. Tell your doctor about medicines you have been taking. Progout can interact with other drugs in various ways. For example, ampicillin, amoxicillin, diuretics and ACE inhibitors thus leading to hypersensitivity may boost it.

As you can see, overdose isn’t just a matter of progout dosage. A lot must be deliberated most especially due to some minor adjustments to the dosage may cause a major catastrophe. The worse thing is that, the allopurinol, in the nonappearance of overdose, has some severe side effects on its own.

Side Effects of Progout

Even if you don‘t exceed the suggested dosage of progout, you may end up suffering from the severe side effects. For example, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and Steven-Johnson Syndrome, they’re two illnesses, which may cause the skin to peel-off eventually harming even the organs.


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