What Are The Ways To Prevent Gout?


No one ever dreamt of suffering from gout. The pain a gout attack gives is only second to actually cutting the joint off. Knowing that many people intentionally change lifestyle to avoid this condition. After all, sickness prevention is the wisest decision for every individual who chose to live a normal and more fulfilling life.

This article aims to explain proper gout prevention.

Before the Catastrophe…

Before a tsunami strikes, the sea withdraws as it poses to attack. Before a volcano erupts, various geological activities occur first. Before the storm comes, the sky darkens. As they arrive, they all wreak havoc. So does gout. The good news is, while the disasters are totally unavoidable, gout can be prevented! Well, usually. The first step for gout prevention is knowledge! Knowledge about the said disease, its symptoms, its cause, and its cure. Unlike disaster prevention, gout prevention involves avoidance and not preparing stuff to use when gout attacks. I guess those who desire to prevent gout will not choose to stock tons of pain reliever but will choose not suffering gout at all instead.

The first thing you should know is that gout is not only a disease caused by living an unhealthy lifestyle, but it can also be a result of  Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome. Yes, you read it right. Gout will most likely happen at least once in your life. But that doesn’t mean that it’s unavoidable. Gout can be prevented.

Purine is life…

Uric acid is the main reason behind gout. But can we stop it from causing gout? Yes, we can. In order for us to prevent ourselves from having gout, we must find and eliminate the root cause of this condition. The idea is to prevent the uric acid from forming in our body.

However, no gout prevention can completely cut the supply of uric acid off. Uric acid will always exist no matter what. The reason for this is the source of uric acid which is purine. Aren’t you curious about what is purine?

Purine is a water-soluble compound that is found high in kidneys and livers. Purine is also the base material for our DNA. Where there is DNA, there is a purine, and DNA is everywhere inside us. As cells die, purine from the nucleotides of the DNA are released in us. Added to this is the fact that purine is in every food we eat. Examples of high-purine sources includes anchovies, beef kidneys, and sardines.

If a gout prevention that involves completely eliminating uric acid is impossible, what can be done? How about, eliminating uric acid boosters? There are lots of stuff that accelerate the production of uric acid, or at least reduce the expulsion of uric acid. A good gout prevention method involves not only eliminating uric acid but other acids as well.

Most acids are considered trash and toxins by the body. As a result, they have to be excreted along with uric acid. Because of this, uric acid has to wait in an extremely long time of queue. Thus, less uric acid is excreted. An example of such acid is lactic acid. When lactic acid accumulates, it can cause a deadly status known as lactic acidosis. Therefore, lactic acid has to be eliminated by the excretory system, leaving less space for uric acid to be excreted.

A gout prevention method should aim to reduce your overall acid production and remove the existing acids. A good start is steering clear of a toxic and acidic life. Both physical and emotional stress can be toxic. That is the reason why clearing the body should also be accompanied by meditation. Then, follow up with an alkaline diet. This provides you with minerals that your body can utilize in order to maintain the acid-alkaline balance in your body helping you neutralize existing acids. Try to substitute drinking alkaline water instead of normal water! Observe further improvement after following this gout prevention practices.

With the proper ways in preventing the condition, we’ll be able to avoid it from happening to us. So, always observe what you eat, the beverages you drink, and the things you are doing. After all, being healthy is equal to being disciplined to the things we do.


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