Does Testosterone Level Have An Effect To Gout?


Gout is extensively very common in men. In which every man wish to prevent and avoid gout that may probably affect their sexist nature of having gout. Men and women may both affect by gout. But it rarely affects men.

Wondering why men’s, are rarely affected by gout? The mystery behind is not yet discovered today. But there are numerous steps and ways closer to find out the reason behind this issues.

Questioning what are the key factors in gout, uric acid, and testosterone. You’re on the right article for these following questions. Let’s get started!

Testosterone: It’s mainly Role

Testosterone is the male hormone in which makes the man manly. Testosterone played an important role in the development of the male appearances. This industrious hormone has the capacity to work even during at the mother’s womb. Aside from that, it has also the ability to assists maintaining the muscle density as well as the bone mass. In which it is associated with the numerous psychological concepts including the dominance and aggressiveness.

As you can see, there is no connection with these in uric acid. In fact, you notice it right. This is absolutely due to the traditional knowledge we consider regarding the testosterone.

Essentially, it has the additional part of testosterone in which has not yet disseminated to others. Which is the testosterone has the ability to maintain the health conditions of the endothelial cells.

Endothelial Cells

Right here are the numerous functions of endothelial cells which are found in the endothelial tissues.

  • It acts as a semi-permeable filter.
  • Angiogenesis the physiological process in which formed new blood vessels.
  • It has the ability to control the blood pressure through narrowing and widening the blood vessels (vasoconstriction and vasodilation)
  • It can repair the damaged organs.
  • Inflammation

Having a low testosterone along with the endothelial cell health may cause endothelial dysfunction. In which may tend to suffer any trouble of the above functions.

Endothelial Dysfunction

Have you ever wonder that endothelial dysfunction cause may lead to increase the uric acid? In here, we will be able to know the different viewpoints regarding the cause one by one.

  • First, the endothelial dysfunction may extremely affect the gout attacks. That impaired endothelium may provide insufficient Nitrogen Oxide. In which Nitrogen Oxide has the ability to suppress inflammation issues. The absence may cause extreme gout attacks without any opponent.
  • Second, the endothelial dysfunction may cause an overall failure regarding the health conditions. In fact, the endothelium act as a filter. In which the unnecessary substance may pass and filtered and go to the unnecessary place for them. This may lead to the increase of uric acid. Aside from that, the endothelial cells inside the filtering sections of the kidney may affect. Thus, it reduces the over the capability of filtration process of the kidney. In which it decreases the excretion rate of the uric acid.
  • Third, the endothelial dysfunction may lead to hypertension. In which the Nitrogen Oxide is the one responsible for widening the blood vessels (vasodilation). It also loses them thru decreasing the blood pressure, in which the vasodilation is the main responsible for this. Suffering from hypertension may slowly harming the kidneys. This is also one of the additional risk factors which may increase the risk of hyperuricemia and also gout.


The testosterone may not promote a high uric acid level. While the low testosterone level may lead to the endothelial dysfunction that is absolutely caused to hyperuricemia as well as gout. Sufferers with high uric acid level may tend to worsen the condition itself. As it accumulates a lot more damaged inside the body.

Additional Matters You Should Know

There is an unproven theory regarding the men’s is more suffers from gout compared to women. In which due to the hormone estrogen that helps to flush out all the uric acid.

After reading this article you may notice that the endothelial dysfunction may leave a terrifying creep for you. Aside from that the hyperuricemia may cause endothelial dysfunction. The high level of uric acid may lower the bioavailability of the Nitrogen Oxide. Aforementioned above, the low NO may be able to lead to endothelial dysfunction. In which is the generous ability from hyperuricemia that contains more than what is expected.


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