How Does Gout Gets Vanish On Its Own Temporarily?


There are times when we do not feel so well, and we just rely on our own body’s instinctive ability to heal itself. If you accidentally cut yourself, you tend to not pay attention to it. There are times that you do nothing about it. Go chill and watch Netflix, and the pain, itself will vanish on its own, without doing anything. Furthermore, if you had a drink last night, for sure, your liver sustained lots of damages, but no worries! Your own body will take care of all the healing process for you.

Unluckily,  there are various times when there is no help and the body is not able to do anything, for example, gout. In this article, you will get to know how does gout gets vanish on its own TEMPORARILY.

About Gout

Gout is a condition that’s mainly characterized by the crooked metabolism of uric acid. This might end up in uric acid in ties and in the blood. Those who suffer from gout may either produce too much levels of uric acid. Furthermore, most frequently, their kidneys will be incapable of removing the uric acid. There are some possible consequences in the uric acid buildup in the body. This may take in kidney stones, acute and chronic gout attacks, and many more.

Furthermore, gout may be because of the extreme amount of uric acid the body takes into the bloodstreams. As well as the buildup of uric acid crystals in the body tissues. Moreover, the uric acid deposits in the joints may result in inflammation, which causes redness, swelling, heat, and pain.

What Causes Gout?

The condition is actually caused by the homeostatic mechanisms of the body. these mechanisms are meant to protect you. The body is so genius when it comes to the self-defense. Unluckily, there are some false alarms that may happen, and these can make you suffer. As we know, the inflammation and pain is kindled by the body, if there is something that is incorrect, just like when an infection occurs. However, what does our body is protecting us from is that causes gout attack?

Aforementioned above, gout is due to a false alarm. It’s not a false alarm that’s in a sense that the body has an imaginary antagonist. However, it is a false alarm, which the body thought it may handle the uric acid crystal.

With excessive levels of uric acid in the body, the bloodstream may become acidic. This is what is extremely bad for the health. Therefore, the body cope up by way of hiding the acids. These include the uric acid in the interstitial fluids that are in the tissue spaces. Soon, even the interstitial space will be full of acids, thus causing the body to cope once more.

How long will gout go away?

As the time passes by, the uric acid crystal will stay latent. Even without being stirred, it will not attract the attention of excessive neutrophils in order to cause pain, which is important enough for you to sense.

Unluckily though, it is high improbable that the uric acid crystal will get dissolved on itself. Firstly, it will not crystalize if it has a good solubility. Moreover, if the uric acid molecule crashes with the crystal, they will fuse and grow a bit larger. Now, the chance of this certain incidence is very small. However, it increases, as the seed grows larger. Thus, once you experience a gout attack, the crystal will grow faster than it will dissolve. Then sooner or later, gout will come attacking once more as the uric acid crystal begins to grow.

The Solution

Even though it may seem that uric acid is the only ones to be blamed, the truth about the acidosis being the mastermind of gout is undeniable. As its name implies, acidosis is a condition that is characterized by the excessive amount of acid on the body. This will add an extra burden to the kidney and the liver, because those organs aren’t only responsible for the uric acid excretion, but also the excretion of acids generally. The perfect solution for gout is to eliminate the uric acid. however, this particular task is very impossible without getting rid of the acidosis. So get rid of acidosis first, then gout will be next!


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