Why Does Gout Attacks Last For Weeks?


Gout attacks may cause a lingering pain and can be a huge burden to people who suffer from it. This condition is no joke. It is not just that, it may also last for quite some time. In fact, gout attacks may last for about a week. Stubborn, isn’t it? In this article, you will get to know more about the condition. Why do its attacks last for weeks. Read on, and enjoy!

Gout: The condition explained

Gout is a condition, which is mainly characterized by the lopsided uric acid metabolism. This might result in ties and blood’s uric acid. Those who suffer from gout may either yield excessive levels of uric acid. Moreover, most commonly, their kidneys be likely to be unable to remove the uric acid. There are some probable consequences into the buildup of the uric acid in the body. This may include acute and chronic gout attacks, kidney stones, and many more.

This may be due to the excessive amount of uric acid the body has in the bloodstreams. As well as the buildup of uric acid crystals in the body tissues. Moreover, the uric acid deposits in the joints may result in inflammation, which causes redness, swelling, heat, and pain.

Gout: The mechanism

Commonly, when people hear of the condition –gout, they think of some things: it is worth derisive, it is typically masculine in nature, it is ancient. Well, while the condition may seem a bit an old bigot demon, it’s not a thing to laugh on. This, as what I’ve said earlier, is a serious condition. The enduring severe pain that comes with so many complications is a serious thing to address. In the actual fact, even the mechanism that’s behind it is not a laughingstock.

As stated earlier as well, gout is due to the crystallization of the uric acid in the joints. Now, the question is why did this uric acid end up in the joints.

Well, the answer to this mainly relies on the metabolic pathways in the body. Usually, the uric acid volume in the joints, explicitly in synovial fluids, are so unimportant. Conversely, with nothing to go to, the uric acid may end up in the synovial fluids.

The body must balance the acidity of the bloodstream. This is mainly because the deviation that is at this level, most especially the acidic deviation may cause some danger to the body. These dangers include endothelial function, diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses. All of these illnesses may also lead to some other conditions.

In order to balance the acidity of the bloodstream, the body must employ a number of mechanisms. These mechanisms include excreting acids via urination, and exhaling carbon dioxide. With the excessive amount of acids in the body, the kidneys and the liver may become so occupied in getting rid of all those unnecessary stuff. This means that a small amount of manpower will be left in taking care of the uric acid. Then the unprocessed acids will be stored in the interstitial fluids. These fluids are the ones that surround the cells in the body. Since the uric acid has so low solubility in synovial fluids, it may end up getting crystalized.

This is now where the gout attack that lasts about a week comes in. In the start of it, there can be chunks of small crystals that form scattered in the joints. These small or seed crystals are being detected by the neutrophils and are being attacked. Therefore, the pain and the inflammation takes in. when the uric acid crystals settle in and unite, the pain will start to linger as well. Conversely, there are some instances wherein the seed crystals keeps forming commonly after taking medications. Furthermore, the neutrophils may help in detecting all of these crystals and will keep launching assaults. Thus causing gout attacks that last for weeks.

Gout: Relieving the pain

Naturally, a few doses of NSAIDs like diclofenac or Naproxen will do. However, that’s not always the case. In this certain cases, you must try some alternative approaches.

Remember, the uric acid isn’t the problem in general. Therefore, you must utilize the opposite of it, which is the alkaline. Drinking alkaline water may help in relieving the symptoms of gout, as it is a good source of alkalinity. Not just that, it is also oozing with various essential minerals that are good for the body.


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