The Scary List Of The Permanent Damage From Gout That You Need To Know


What is terrifying fact about the gout is that it can give you a lasting pain. What it gives to you is repeating inflammation which is draining the quality of life. It may be OK as long as it will not kill me. I can live it just by accepting my fate.  These are just some of what gout sufferer thinks about gout. However, what if it tells you that gout can possibly cause CANCER? Will you still be willing to live with the fact that it might really be that deadly?

You might probably have heard already that gout and the cancer are related. The personal testimonies and statistic data are both create a lead to it. Then, does gout really cause cancer? The answer is no but a gout sufferer posses qualities that are a perfect fit to the criteria of the choice of cancer.

That is why this article is aiming to explain the permanent gout damages which include those by what caused gout

What is the culprit?

Gout can inflict damage itself and with aid of a culprit who started it all, we can say that the apocalypse is drawing near.

The gout is caused by the crystallization of the uric acid in the synovial joints. The more uric acid there is in the bloodstream, the higher the chances of getting gout. Therefore, an individual who suffers from gout can suffer also from hyperuricemia. What will give you the damage is the presence of both the uric acid and acids in general.

The damage which is caused by the hyperuricemia and gout is based on the two principles which are:

Cell “Corrosion”

Having tons of acid means having tons of famous free radicals. The free radicals can possibly damage by altering the overall functionality and the structure.

Thick Blood

The cell walls which include those of the red blood cells are negatively charged. They are repealing each other just likes magnets that have the same pole. Because the hydrogen atoms are reacting with the cell walls’ atom, the charge is altered slowly and therefore causing the cells to have an attraction to each other that will lead to the thickening of the blood. Too much acid in the blood just means having too much freely floating hydrogen. If closely observed, the freshly drawn blood of the individuals who suffer from gout is somewhat clotting. It is more observable if it is under the dark field microscopy.

What are the PERMANENT damages caused by the hyperuricemia and gout?

Damaged Joint

If the crystallized uric acid will grow too large, the joints are slowly gradually to be weaker due to the reason that the uric acid crystals are scratching the joints from the inside.

Damaged Kidneys

The kidneys will be overburdened if there is too much uric acid. Also, the uric acid is sticking to the endothelial cells of the kidney’s filtering units and thus, the overall filtration capacity is reduced. The formation of the uric acid kidney stone can worsen the situation.

Liver Damage

The liver will also be overburdened like the kidney. It is somehow true if you are taking an allopurinol. The allopurinol will try lowering the uric acid by blocking the xanthine oxidase. The xanthine oxidase is an enzyme which is produced by the liver and the one responsible for breaking down the purine into uric acid. The liver will produce more xanthine oxidase as it detects the purine. However, the allopurinol will make this effort useless.

Pancreatic Damage

The pancreas can also be damaged due to the pancreatic tophi. It can lead to the type 1 diabetes.


The tophi can form in the inner ear which will lead to deafness in rare cases.

Impaired Motor Control

Gout can also grow in the spine which is usually in the lumbar spine. Therefore, it can affect the signals transmitted in the body.


The cells have to cope in order to survive if the body gets toxic because of the acids. Some of the cells turn into cancer cells in order to tolerate the lack of oxygen and acidic environment. Additionally, the uric acid is known for improving the cancer cells longevity. Thus, the chance of the cancer cells’ survivals is increasing every day.

What are the almost permanent damages which are caused by the Hyperuricemia and Gout?

Below is the list of the almost permanent damages. The damages are referred to be almost permanent due to the reason that they are reversible but can be permanent if the bloodstream acidity is ignored.

Type 2 Diabetes

It is caused by the cell walls’ damage. The insulin receptors are found in the walls of the cells. So, the cell wall damage will lead to insulin resistance. If enough number of cells will suffer from this insulin resistance, an individual will mostly end up having a type 2 diabetes.

Lack of Energy

The lack of the oxygen supply is caused by the thickness of the blood. Furthermore, it can lead to mental effects like daydreaming and impaired memory. It also boosts the cell’s anaerobic respiration. Thus, it can also lead to lactic acidosis that will just worsen the situation.


The thick blood will require more pressure in order to circulate and thus, hypertension.  Also, the acids in the body can cause endothelial dysfunction which is impairing the blood vessel’s ability in controlling the blood pressure by narrowing and widening. Additionally, the endothelial dysfunction can also lead to erectile dysfunction.


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