Spices For Gout: Are They Really Beneficial?


It is undoubtable that gout is one of the worst pain-bringing diseases a person may encounter. Both the disturbing inflammation and the occasional lingering pain may drain off a person’s quality of life. In the actual fact, you don’t have to suffer from gout just to feel the lingering pain. Certainly,  if any of your loved ones is suffering from gout, seeing them suffer can make you feel the terror and tormenting pain. Just imagine the fear of waking up in the midnight screams of the lingering pain that it causes, ain’t good, isn’t it?

This particular suffering may bring a certain sense of urgency to both the sufferer and their loved ones. Thus leaving them with an alluring victim to numerous scammers, just like those that sell brews from various spices, which are thought to treat gout.

In this article, you will get to know about the different spices that are good for gout.

Spices and Gout

There are actually 2 different factors that you must consider when choosing the right spices to treat your gout:

  • Is the spice supported by enough evidence or scientific research?
  • Is there any logical scientific basis or explanation for it?

Despondently, there are various spices for gout that are sold in the form of supplements in spite of the lack of decisive scientific explanation and even the logical explanation for it. Continue reading on to this article and get to know more about the different spices for gout.

Spices for Gout

Here is a list of some of the spices that are appealed to help in the treatment of gout. They may be of a great help for your condition, or may be just an additional burden. Keep on reading!


The turmeric is a spice that’s actually supposed to work lots and lots of wonders. It is very rich in the compound, curcumin. Thus, it is capable of inhibiting various enzymes, just like xanthine oxidase and arachidonate 5 lipoxygenases. This just means that it is ought to have the capability to remove the inflammation and pain while reducing or making the uric acid lower.

This is actually write convenient as a treatment for gout. Unluckily, however, it was found that the curcumin is pan-assay interference compound that is very reactive to the body. it also has no any aiming mechanisms, thus you’re going to a battle that has a single nuclear bomb, hurling it while wearing a blindfold hoping that it’ll hit your own enemy. If you are unfortunate then it will hurt your allies, that’s just like it.


This particular spice is one of the staple spices in the kitchen of anyone. Who would not love to put garlic on their dishes? Well, maybe a few. This particular spice has an amazing anti-inflammatory property, which helps in alleviating the gout attacks. However, it will not help in lowering the uric acid. The long term use of garlic may also cause gastrointestinal discomfort, allergic reactions, menstruation irregularities, bleeding, dizziness, and sweating.


Just like garlic, ginger has anti inflammatory properties that may help in preventing gout attacks. However, this particular benefit of ginger for gout is not yet proven scientifically. The downside on the use of ginger for gout is that it will not help in lowering the uric acid level. Moreover, ginger is very safe, although it may exhibit some drug interactions with cardiovascular and anticoagulant drugs. It may also cause some minor effects like diarrhea and heartburn.


The licorice has its own anti-inflammatory properties that may act like corticosteroid. Thus, it is beneficial in lowering the uric acid level. Conversely, the bioavailability of the compounds that are in the licorice isn’t studied yet. Furthermore, it’s also concluded that the benefits of the licorice aren’t backed by sufficient evidence.


If you prefer alternative medicines, then cinnamon can be a good choice for you. It may help in lowering the levels of the xanthine oxidase. This particular enzyme is responsible for breaking the purine into uric acid. There are also some claims that cinnamon may help in reducing the blood sugar level, thus helping in reducing fructose.


The aforementioned spices, as you’ve noticed, instead of giving amazing effect in the condition, may cause more risk. Their own Xanthine Oxidase inhibitors may help in lowering the uric acid level, but just temporarily due to the purine that will not be flushed out of the body unless it is converted into uric acid. This is why it is important to treat gout on its root, for it to not come back anymore.


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