Things You Need To Know About The Uric Acid Test Kits


With the rapid advancement of the technology, as well as our own understanding of science, we started to assume that everything, including all the functions of the body can be measured and contained in numbers. To a huge extent, this is actually true, most especially when talking about measuring the constants and the averages of the forces of nature. The average acceleration of the gravity, as we know, is 9.81 m/s2. Nevertheless, when it comes to the body, the constants are being applied as if we are some kind of robotic mechanisms that are being powered by some precise control. From time to time, this certain measurements and ranges are well and true.

The introduction of such measurements has also marked the birth of the different measuring devices, which claimed to measure the wellness of the body. This article wishes to explain the uric acid test kits, the group of instrument that can be used in measuring the concentration of the uric acid, especially at home.

Uric Acid Concentration: What does it indicate?

The uric acid in the body is actually normal. It is even said that the normal concentration of the uric acid for men is 3.4-7 mg/dL and 2.4-6 mg/dL for women. Nevertheless, the normal uric acid of a person may stray from this range. Different from the power of a machine, the ranges in the body cannot be measured precisely.

Furthermore, the uric acid is formed when the purine is broken down into its usable form, and nearly all food we eat has purine. Moreover, when the cells die, the purine from the DNA comes back to the bloodstream. This purine may in turn produce the uric acid when they’re broken down.

For short, the uric acid means that you’re normal, except the fact that when it diverges too much from the normal range of the uric acid.

The Uric Acid Test Kits

These uric acid test kits are supposed to measure the concentration of the uric acid in the blood. They commonly come as digital devices with sets of strips and a pricking device.

To use the uric acid test kits, one must puncture blood using the pricking device, smear the blood to the test strip and that’s it! The meter will give the results in just 20 seconds. It’s also very convenient as you can test your own uric acid anytime, anywhere. The disadvantage is that the uric acid test kits are disreputably inaccurate.

When measuring the uric acid at home, lots and lots of factors are to be considered:

  • Certain medications and over the counter drugs and supplements such as aspirin– such drugs can cause temporary irregularities in uric acid
  • Did you drink alcoholic drinks lately- alcoholic drinks, especially beer are rich in purine. This means that if you go drinking like it is the end of the world, you will have the higher uric acid concentration for a while.
  • Time of last meal- since uric acid can be caused by our diet, eating and not eating prior to examination can cause variances.

What does the high uric acid concentration signify?

Now that you already know how to use the uric acid test kits, it‘ll be of a great help if you‘ll also understand the importance of the abnormal readings. Commonly, the test kit will come with manuals that explain what measurements aren’t normal.

The high concentration of the uric acid may mean some things:

  • Bone Marrow Disorders
  • Hyperuricemia– this condition refers to the high concentration of uric acid. This can be a precursor to more severe effects or can be caused by underlying culprits such as the Lesh-Nyhann Syndrome mentioned above.
  • Lesch-Nyhann Syndrome– this is a rare genetic disease which causes too much uric acid in the blood.
  • The possibility of gout– if you are suffering from hyperuricemia for a long time, there is a huge chance that volumes of uric acid have crystallized in your joints.
  • Rapid Cell Death– this can be caused by necrolysis or when you undergo chemotherapy


Putting your own faith in the measurements well-defined by the technology isn’t a bad thing. In the actual fact, it may help us. Use logic and balance and assuredly whatever disease that’s bothering you, you’ll soon be free. Whether that’s gout, hyperuricemia or some other conditions caused by uric acid, there‘ll be a treatment meant for you.


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