What Does The Uric Acid Signify?


One of the most amazing biological machine there is that is made up of a lot of auto-immune mechanisms is the human body. It also has biomarkers and its own self-maintenance. Therefore, the human body has a very extensive capacity to repair itself, or at least, ask for help when necessary.

One biomarker there is the uric acid in the body. The normal level of the uric acid is about 25 milligrams/liter to 80 milligrams/liter in men, and 15 milligrams/liter to 60 milligrams/liter in women. The question here is what does the deviation from the normal uric acid level do? Read on to this article, and get to know more!

The Misery of Gout Sufferers: Hyperuricemia

The hyperuricemia is the state of the body having excessive amount if uric acid, most especially when the uric acid level exceeds the normal level. By itself alone, the hyperuricemia will produce no damage at all. Conversely, if the chain of the complications of hyperuricemia kicks in little by little, you’ll surely hate what may happen. Gout is one of those complications and the list will actually be too long to fit into this article.

What Does the Uric Acid Signify?

Formally and medically speaking, the uric acid is not recognized as a biomarker of any illnesses other than the hyperuricemia itself. However, there are some studies that suggest the uric acid has the capability of being a biomarker of cancer, just like pancreatic cancer. Furthermore, studies also show that the uric acid may be a biomarker of diabetes. Not just that, it is also suggested that it’s a biomarker of multiple sclerosis.

Weirdly, it looks that the uric acid is existing each time something that’s unwanted occurs in the body. Certainly, differing from the normal level of uric acid is already a sign that something terrible may come. If you’re fortunate enough, it’s the only gout. If a bad luck catches you, prepare yourself for a much worse situation.

Moreover, the uric acid will be existent whatever uric acid supplement you will take or no matter what kind of gout tablet you will swallow. This is mainly because the uric acid is already part of the normal operations of the body. It doesn’t play an important role, however, it’s a waste product.

The base material of the DNA’s nucleotides is the purine. These are huge macromolecules, which cannot pass over the kidneys’ filtration layer. Furthermore, it comes in extra as the cells die and as you eat foods. Therefore, some purine must be flushed out one way or the other. For purine to be excreted out of the body, it must be broken down into smaller pieces, which will be the uric acid. This establishes the normal level of the uric acid– purine from what you eat and purine from your self-destructing cells.

With the aforementioned statements, we can therefore conclude that excessive levels of uric acid may also impose that much cells are dying. Well, this is true in the case specially of the Tumor-Lysis syndrome or when you’re doing chemotherapy. This is since the chemotherapy is a humane and finer term for cell genocide. The cells die in times when bad happens in the body, although most of the cases are insignificant enough in altering the uric acid level. The lone important cases will be cancer, most especially the blood cancer. This usually comes by a month-long fever.

Moreover, the uric acid has the capacity to corrode the cells due to its nature being acidic. The hydrogen ions of the uric acid may steal the electrons from the cells’ atom. As the chemical properties of the atom rely mainly on the electrons, the operations of the cells are being altered. The cell walls suddenly slowly chipped away. Because the insulin receptors are originally at the cell walls, they are being destroyed too. Hence, the insulin wouldn’t be able to an impasse with the cells.

The Insulin is the keys to the cells. When they bind themselves with the insulin receptors, the cells will open up and ingest the glucose. Therefore, without the insulin receptors glucose will simply float all over the body.

How To Bring Back The Uric Acid Level To Normal?

There are lots of factors that may hinder the uric acid excretion. One of the most significant is the presence of excessive acids. Essentially, other acids must be excreted too thus they lower the rate at which the uric acid is being excreted.


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