Fasting For Gout: Is It Really Beneficial For The Condition?


One popular diet trend that has already been around for so long now is the fasting diet. Are you one of those who do this? Well, even though there are various studies that show it is effective for some reasons, there is no guarantee that fasting for gout is really good. Can there be a chance that it may cause more side effects for gout? Well, give this article a read and you will know!

Fasting For Gout: Is it really beneficial?

As what we’ve mentioned earlier, fasting diet is one of the trendiest diet plans. This kind of diet basically lets you to not eat anything to be able to detoxify the body. Furthermore, there are some people who do it for various religious beliefs. Just like the Muslims during their event known as Ramadan. Even though you believe it or not, there is this specific study about the impact of the fasting in Ramadan on those patients with gout.

Furthermore, all the fasting diets are not really the same. There are some that allow only liquids, just like juice, teas, or water. There are also others who cut the calories abruptly through the limitation of the daily food intake. Moreover, there are also some other diets that let you fast every other day. This is what they call the intermittent fasting. One thing is actually certain in here. A starvation diet or fasting will not really cure or even just help gout.

Fasting For Gout: The problem

Well actually, the problem in here is that, if the use of the fasting diet is to lose weight, then you will rapidly notice that you will gain your lost weight very quickly. Furthermore, if you involve yourself in this particular diet in order to detoxify your body, please remember that the body detoxifies itself naturally. Therefore, let us just say that there are lots and lots of studies that do not recommend the use of it in treating gout. These studies that I am saying to specify how once you start to eat again, you will be overcompensating and will be gaining the weight all back.

Fasting For Gout: What really happens when you do it?

In the actual fact, fasting for a few days will not hurt most people. This is as long as you stay very well-hydrated. However, fasting for a very long time is bad for you and can be very dangerous. The body needs vitamins, minerals, and some other nutrients to be able to stay healthy. If you are not able to get your own nutrients, you may experience various symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, constipation, as well as spike the uric acid levels in the blood. Thus potentially causing a gout attack. Furthermore, fasting has also shown to spike the blood sugar levels. This is the reason why doctors suggest that no one should fast, especially if the patient suffers from various chronic conditions, even for just a short amount of time. Remember, gout is a chronic disease.

What actually happens in the body when you fast or take part in the starvation diet is that the body will break down the muscle. This is to utilize it as a fuel as you’re not feeding it the food that it needs. Furthermore, two substances are then produced from this particular muscle breakdown, the ketones and the lactic acid, which are both not good for the kidneys. Especially that they impair the organ’s capability to excrete the uric acid, thus raising the uric acid levels. Also, if you dehydrate yourself, this may just worsen the situation even more.

Fasting For Gout: Conclusion

As a conclusion, the best thing that you can do is to avoid this particular diet plan entirely. You should be focusing on eating healthy foods each and every day. You must eat 80% of the daily calories in the form of rice, pasta, whole grain breads, fruits, legumes, and vegetables. Eat 10% of the daily calories in the form of fish, lean chicken meat, and lean red meat. And finally, eat 10% of the daily calories in the form of butter, eggs, yogurt, cheese, etc.

Furthermore, do not forget to drink plenty of water. Believe me, in just a few weeks, you will be able to shave off some pounds. However, most importantly, you will be losing these pounds in a natural and gradual way. And you are not affecting your uric acid levels and risking any other gout attacks.


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