What You Need To Know About the Diclofenac


As we age, we are given different names form our acquaintances, colleagues, friends, and foes as well. It can be puns intend alias, cute childhood nickname, or even a nickname that is for taunting. The nicknames stick to us and to everyone that knows us.

Not only us but the medicines also have nicknames. The difference though is it’s not for taunting or humor. The brand names are a possible sign of the effective medicines. However, in worst cases, the brand names are used in order to raise the cost of the medicines that are not even better to others.

What this article’s all about it is explaining the diclofenac used for gout. Is this really works for gout? Does it have a brand name? if there is, is the brand name is simply for justification for a useless thing?

What is the Diclofenac?

The Diclofenac is the generic name for several analgesic brand names which includes Cataflam, Zipsor, Voltaren, and Cambia. All of these are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs. Thus, all these are used in treating both the inflammation and pain.

In addition, diclofenac is beneficial in getting rid of the inflammation and pain through the removal of the capacity of the body to feel them. However, this is not the only prowess of diclofenac; it is not just for gout. There is more to it than meets the eye. Diclofenac can be used in some other illnesses, which are in connection with inflammation and pain.

The Difference between Diclofenac Brand Names

It is very important to look for the best brand names if you are taking diclofenac. That is why you should have the understanding of the difference between the brand names.

The notable differences between each brand name are nothing. They only vary in size color, shape, chemical base and chemical filters. Some are using sodium salt as a base while some are using potassium salt. In general, the potassium salt is the better choice for the reason that it is recognized as “fast-release”.  If there is a point in which your doctor will prescribe diclofenac for you, remember to look for brand names which use potassium salt. If you find a pill which states “diclofenac potassium”, then that’s it. But it is sodium based if the pill states “diclofenac” with no mention of both sodium and potassium.

Remember though that any NSAIDs like the diclofenac can cause ulceration, stomach bleeding, and an abundance of other side effects that can cause the worst scenario for anyone.

How effective is the Diclofenac?

The considered one of the best NSAIDs in the market is usually the diclofenac. The main principle of it follows the other NSAIDs but the mechanism behind of its effectiveness is somewhat unclear.

The diclofenac interrupts the body’s capability in feeling the pain and inducing the inflammation, thus it reduces the inflammation and pain. It is messing up the autoimmune defenses.

What is the autoimmune response of the body?

Our cells die if something harmful happens in the body, things such as getting wound, the uric acids is crystallizing in the joints, or when catching the virus or germs. As the cells die, they are releasing the arachidonic acid. The arachidonic acid is processed by the enzyme namely cyclooxygenase to produce prostaglandin, an end-product.

The prostaglandin is the responsible for the autoimmune actions that are giving you the suffering as well as saving. You will experience inflammation and pain during gout attacks that may seem to be a burden to you. The pain is an instinct which is giving you the unpleasant feeling that will compel you to stop the pan by doing something. Additionally, the autoimmune reactions are involving responses in order to push away the invading bodies like the uric acid crystals.

Diclofenac: Mechanism

Disrupting the cyclooxygenase is the main work of the diclofenac. If there are no cyclooxygenase, the arachidonic will not be converted into prostaglandins. Thus, there is no inflammation and pain to worry about. However, there will be no protection against the invading bodies.

They will be almost free in entering your bodies that will give you a different type of diseases. The main advantage of the diclofenac compared to the other NSAIDs is it is more effective for the reason that the leukotrienes have an essential role in inducing inflammation and pain. The diclofenac, however, is not worth because of the side effects and especially the notion that it will not really cure gout.

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