What May Help In Reducing The Uric Acid?


They often say that gout is the disease of the kings. It has existed since the human civilization has learned the term pleasure, or perhaps even before that. Therefore, gout has been in association with that certain word. Even though their own connection isn’t as real as what we used to believe. Therefore, the mere fact that curing gout means halting many pleasurable things. And with this particular thought, a lot of people decided to just go and stop trying to cure the condition. Treat yourself to delicious and tasty meat now and then take pills later.

There are so many gout sufferers who settled in indulging to guilty pleasures, then taking the so-called, uric acid reducers. This is now what this article is all about –the uric acid reducers.

Why Is There A Need To Reduce The Uric Acid?

We may all have known that uric acid is a big no-no for gout. This is for the reason that it is the root cause of the condition. With out the presence of the uric acid, there will be no uric acid crystal, and without this uric acid crystal, there will be no suffering to exist. That being said, it is important for those who suffer from gout to reduce their uric acid level in order to treat the condition, or at least avoid any future attacks.

Gout is a serious condition, and that is for a fact. However, there are sufferers who are living with the fact that the condition will never leave. This is why they tend to just enjoy their life and simply take their uric acid reducer. However, what they don’t know is that it isn’t just the pain and the inflammation, which they should be worrying about. It is the hyperuricemia itself. The presence of a too much uric acid may cause you some severe complications. For example, diabetes and gout have this very acidic affair, in fact, they are a package deal. If you get one, then you will end up getting the other one too. If you’ll not do it to not suffer from the pain, then do it to avoid any complications.

The medicine for all: Allopurinol

Probably, one of the most popular medications for the gout is the allopurinol. It is also called the uric acid reducer. Whatever condition that involves uric acid, name it! allopurinol will be of a great help with them. It will help in treating, or at least, helps in temporarily alleviating the pain it causes.

Furthermore, it is with no doubt that the effectiveness of the allopurinol when talking about the uric acid reduction is very high. However, sadly, this particular reduction is just temporary. Firstly, it does not flush out the uric acid. Secondly, it doesn’t stop the production of the uric acid. The mere reason why it reduces the uric acid is that it is capable of pausing the uric acid production.

Moreover, the allopurinol is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor. It helps in bonding with the enzyme that is responsible for the breaking down of purine into the uric acid. Therefore, the aforesaid enzyme, xanthine oxidase inhibitor will then be occupied by breaking the purine down. Therefore, there will be no uric acid to be produced. This is now what creates that illusion that the uric acid has dropped.

Even though this can be of a great help, excessive dependence on this may lead to the further damage. Furthermore, it may cause no uric acid for now, but the amount of the uric acid will double sooner or later. It may also increase the risk of the uric acid kidney stones as so much uric acid may rush at the very same moment.

Alkaline-rich Foods and Water

Foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium are the best for the uric acid. Not like the allopurinol, they will produce no side effects. The minerals that provided by these foods may be used by the body in balancing the levels of pH in the blood and reduce the acidity level of the body.

The alkaline water is essential in calming the gout flare-ups, it may even be an effective treatment for the condition itself. It works just like the alkaline foods, which help in flushing the acids out of the body. Moreover, it also provides ample minerals that can be used by the body in balancing the pH levels in the bloodstream.


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