What Is The Good And Bad Gout Meal Plan?


It is a very challenging task to complete the list of the foods to eat and the ones that we shouldn’t, most especially for those who suffer from gout. This is since the gout meal plans are so unique, most especially because plugging in the nutritious foods clumsily may just result to the worsening of the condition. For example, fruits and vegetables are in general, nutritious and healthy. However, a lot of them has the capacity to make gout worse.

In this article, you will get to know about what is the good gout meal plan. Note, there is no recipe that will be included in here. Rather, the classifications of the foods that you must avoid and you should eat will be conferred. Together with some strategies so that those not-to-eat foods will not be of a great harm to you even though you eat them.

What’s the principle?

The main philosophy of the condition is quite simple, and it revolves in two main things, avoiding the disruption of the uric acid excretion and boosting the uric acid excretion. These two major factors are what mainly dictates is a certain food is a friend or a foe. Furthermore, there are many other factors that contribute to the disruption and the boosting of the uric acid excretion. However, there’s one criteria, which can be beneficial in weighing most of the foods, namely acidity and alkalinity.

In general, acids are undoubtedly bad for the health, since they have the capacity to alter the cell structures. Further, with excessive acids, the free radicals may corrode the cells, therefore altering the functionality and structure. For example, the insulin receptors that are in the cell walls, when getting chipped away, will not be able to bind with the insulin properly. Moreover, with excessive number of insulin resistant cells, type 2 diabetes may kick in. that being said, acids must be excreted from the body in order to avoid the harm. Therefore, with excessive acids the rate of the excretion of the uric acid will drop. Thus causing the kidney to become too occupied by excreting some other acids.

Foods you must avoid…

having a background of uric acid relationship in the tow, let’s now proceed to the gout meal plan. There is no need to say that acidic foods are necessary to be avoided. Sadly, there are lots and lots of foods being produced on by the modern technology that are very acidic, or at least leave a lot of acid in the body. As a matter of fact, even the vegetables and the fruits can be acidic. Examples of which are the fruits and vegetables that are rich in oxalates. While oxalate are not acidic, by itself, may be converted into some oxalic acid. In turn, this acid will lower the uric acid excretion and boost the formation of the uric acid crystal at the same time. It raises the ratio of the solute-solvent. And as the solute starts to overpower the solvents, the crystallization easily takes place. The crystallization is more possibly it take place on the kidney than in the joints.

The foods that are rich in fructose, just like fruits, corn syrup, and colas are bad for the condition. Thus they should be excluded from the gout diet plan. They are capable of boosting the lactic acid production, hence causing much more harm for gout. This is the reason why the fructose has been well-known to trigger gout attacks.

You must also exclude foods that are rich in purine in the gout diet plan. As a matter of fact, this is your main enemy. Purine is the one that’s being converted into uric acid. Those foods that are rich in purine includes beverages like tea and coffee, and foods like red meat, organ meat, and some other foods out there. Those foods that have caffeine, like tea and coffee are good purine source too.

The last, and definitely not the least is the alcohol. This is a big no for those who suffer from gout. This is since ethanol may worsen the gout.

Foods you must eat…

As what’s stated above, foods that are rich in oxalate are bad for the condition. However, if you plan to do so, you must eat it at the very same time with magnesium and calcium-rich foods. There is a huge need for you to take it at the same time, in order to avoid the formation of the Calcium Oxalate kidney stones.

You must also maintain an alkaline-rich diet. This will help balance the existing acids. For beginners, you may try placing ionic calcium into your own drinking water. The alkaline diet will give you the minerals that your own body may utilize in order to equilibrium the acidity of the body. Some examples of such foods includes root vegetables.


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