What Happens When You Take Allopurinol And Uloric Together?


The modern medicine has now developed its own strategies. One of these strategies is to cure conditions by brute force. Furthermore, there is this one illness that gets bombarded by various illnesses. This actually happens because either we have a poor understanding of the illness or due to the fact that we don’t really understand the main cause of whatever illness it is, which we may eradicate nevertheless. Sometimes, we use brute force because we believe that the quantity beats the quality.

Due to the fact that it may cause intense pain, gout condition is one of the illnesses that one sufferer want to hurry the process of healing. May it be through improvisation or by the use of brute force. For example, some people try using the combination of medicine that isn’t prescribed at any rate.

This article wishes to explain what happens when you’re taking the allopurinol and uloric together. Read on and get to know more about the effects of this two medications.

Allopurinol And Uloric: Similarities And Differences

The uloric and allopurinol both fall on the same drug category. They are both parts of the xanthine oxidase inhibitor drug category. This just means that they have the very same mechanism of action. They bind themselves with the xanthine oxidase enzyme in order to prevent them from breaking down the purine into uric acid. One difference between the two is actually the fact that the uloric is somewhat more effective and may require lesser dosage.

Uloric and Allopurinol When Taken Together

You are less possible to meeting doctors who will recommend these two medications together with just a single taking. The reason? Well, this is because as I’ve already stated earlier, they both have the same mechanism. For instance, in algebra, x+x is simply 2X. For short, taking both of these medicines is equal to taking a much higher dosage of any one of them. In the actual fact, nothing’s special in the combination of the two medications.

Moreover, there are various blogs out there, which claim that taking these two different medicines altogether is way better than taking them alone. This kind of articles is deceptive. They just back their own content via stating that they treated their gout in that particular way.

Bear in mind that taking medications the wrong way may cause damage to the body and may even be deadly. Taking the uloric and allopurinol together may especially be destructive. Both of them have their more than reasonable share of the side effects.

For example, they may cause the uric acid level to spike and drop sharply. This is mainly because the purine isn’t flushed out of the body. They must be broken down into uric acid in order to be excreted. This just means that the uric acid upsurge is merely postponed, and is not cancelled.

If you truly want to take them together, just rise the dosage of whatever you’re taking now. However, you must only take this in the worst case scenario, in short, you must not improvise the dosage for whatever reason you have.

Taking both uloric and allopurinol at once may also be too worn the liver and the kidneys. Do you know what will the liver do if it still discovers purine in spite of the fact that it has already released so much xanthine oxidase to break down? Obviously, this organ will pump even more xanthine oxidase hence burdening itself. Damaging the liver is brutal for the health, if not deadly, of course.

To tap it all, taking both uloric and allopurinol together is like fooling yourself, misleading the organs and not helping even just a bit. As a matter of fact, taking either of the two may be harmful by itself. They don’t flush the uric acid out. Yes, they are medications for gout; however, they cant cure either gout or hyperuricemia.

I hope that this article does well in depriving you of taking allopurinol and uloric together. We don’t have any concern, but your well-being alone, and by taking those medications all together is just not good for your whole well-being. There are some other alternatives out there. For example, you may try dealing with the root cause of the condition. Without these roots, even the grown trees fall down.


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