What Are The Serious Impacts Of Impotency?


Today, there are almost billions of popularities in the world. Most partners have the ability to reproduce. However, there are some has not even developed their own child due to some issues including gout attacks. Even if they really wanted to have their own child. Hindrances are their best enemy to reproduce.

The gout attack is a very serious case in which disabled the ability of the partners to reproduce. In fact, some medications for gout may also be developed an impotency issue. Just continue to read this article and you’ll find out the medications which can cause an impotency and how it will affect reproductive capacity of partners.

Medications: Caused By Impotency

There are numerous medications which are for gout may lead to impotency. There is an INDIRECT way, this is due to the problems exist as a result of impotency. However, there are also a group of medications for gout which may DIRECTLY form and cause to impotency. These groups are known as mitotic inhibitors. And take note that these may not cause impotency with their own side effects. Allopurinol is one of the good examples for this.

Gout Treatments: Mitotic Inhibitors

Mitotic inhibitors are originally used to treat cancer issues. However, the Colchicine is a precise kind of mitotic inhibitors that are used to treat gout.

There are two things for you to be able to know how it can cause to impotency:

  • How mitotic inhibitor works
  • How gout leads pain

These two reasons will absolutely reveal the answer to this issues. Just continue on knowing the numerous details for these matters.

How Gout Extremely Cause Pain?

It is very common for us to know that the gout pain is absolutely caused by numerous series of the autoimmune reply of the body. The body is not invented to have a uric acid crystal throughout. In fact, the body has the ability to restrict the external policies. This is by filtering the uric acid crystal to grant a clearance and may not give a sincere welcome to enter.  The white blood cells which are known as neutrophils may raid and attempting to neutralize the specific target.

Inappropriately, the white blood cells are mainly responsible to engulf the crystal. When the operations failed, the neutrophils may send pain signals which can cause the pain and inflammation.

Mitotic Inhibitors: Stops The Pain

For sure, some of us are worried about how to stop and prevent the inflammation and pains. Well, it is the Jam which is the pain signal. Jam, is the ability to dispose of the neutrophils by the body. It is identified as the basic defense of the immune system.

The Colchicine have two things that you should know.

  • It has the ability to inhibit the cell division or mitosis, these may reproduce the process of cells inside the body. Due by this, it lessens the neutrophils which respond to the existing uric acid crystal.
  • It also leads to disabling the neutrophils. By doing disfiguration of the cytoskeleton from attempting to fight with uric acid crystal. There’s no pain when there is no neutrophils and uric acid fighting.

Colchicine has numerous list of side effects which includes the immune suppression. In fact, impotency is part of the list.

Colchicine: Impotency Issues

Colchicine is not selective. It can’t equate it to a missile along with its pinpoint accuracy. It tracks the neutrophils inside the gout area as well as disabling. It’s like a storming to be able to take the bloodstream in unplanned commands. The cells inside the body may not be unfortunate enough to sustain across from the base.

In fact, colchicine may affect not only the neutrophils and the gout area, but also the numerous kinds of the cells into the different parts of the body. Both egg cells and sperm cells may not be excluded to lead the damaging effect. The damaged reproductive cells, as well as the low count of sperm and egg cell, may end up to impotent. The male may also suffer from the erectile dysfunction and not as an impotency.

Asking if it is worth to relieve the pain in the meantime? The debilitating side effects to relieve the pain temporarily? I assure that it is not worth, in fact, the colchicine may not cure the gout issues. There’s another method, the ionic calcium is the other options for you to try. Compared to colchicine, ionic calcium is not intended to mask the pain.


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