What Are The Possible Effects Of Coffee For Gout?


In this article, we are going to tackle about the possible benefits of coffee for gout. Can it be of any help with the condition, or is it the other way around? Give this article and you will be able to know the answer. Worry less, because you will be learning a lot from this article –that is for sure!

Coffee for Gout…

A cup of coffee in the morning may actually provide more than just a boost in the energy. Well, this is what others claim about the consumption of coffee. Well, it is really undeniable that the coffee has so many benefits, that are all for the betterment of the overall health.  In fact, it is beneficial in preventing diabetes in order to lower the risk of acquiring the liver disease.

A lot of people love to drink coffee. This is the reason why there are a lot of coffee shops are everywhere. Even though it has a lot of health benefits it is still important to remember that coffee in excess consumption may also bring about some negative effects. Always take note that coffee is somewhat acidic, and may have stimulating effects on us humans. This is because of its caffeine content. Moreover, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the whole wide world.

What’s the good news here is that coffee is good for those who suffer from gout. It is okay for them to drink a cup or two of a coffee every day.

Coffee for Gout: The evidence

One study conducted for over for a span of 12 years proved that those who drink coffee age 40, on a regular basis had a lower risk on the development of gout. This particular study also suggests that the more coffee a person drinks, the more decrease in the reduction of the risk of gout attack.

Moreover, those who drink more than 5 cups of coffee every day has appeared to have the lower of all the risk. In the actual fact, drinking 1-3 cups every day may lower the gout risk by about 8%. The gout risk is at about 40% lower for those who drink 4-5 cups every day, and 59% lower for those who drink 6 or more cups.

This particular connection has also seemed to prove to be true for the decaffeinated coffee. The conclusion that the researchers came about was that the coffee is beneficial in reducing the levels of uric acid in the bloodstream, thus allowing those coffee drinkers to avoid developing gout.

Take note, the aforementioned studies and evidence for the effectiveness of coffee for gout are more in connection to men, than in women.

Coffee for Gout: Can it cure the condition?

Always bear in mind that this is not a manifestation that drinking coffee will really treat gout. It just proves that if you drink coffee, then you are to less likely to get gout statistically. I am not writing this article to say or recommend you to drink 4 or more cups of coffee every day. This is because, as what I have said earlier, excessive consumption of it may cause some side effects. Not just that, men experience more side effects of heavy caffeine intake than women. The side effects of coffee include nervousness, muscle tremors, fast heartbeat, and insomnia. If you happen to experience any of these symptoms, reduce your consumption of caffeine from any other sources. If I were you, in choosing of the right coffee, I will choose the organic coffee over the regular ones.

Don’t forget that coffee has the capacity to elevate the blood sugar levels, and make them harder to control in diabetes. If you are diabetic, you should be very wary in taking it. It may also cause an elevation in the blood pressure level and the heart rate to people who have hypertension or even heart disease. You must also talk to your doctor first before increasing the consumption of caffeine, especially if you are experiencing some medical conditions.


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