What Are The Possible Complications Of Gout?


Having gout is already a bad news. Various parts of the body getting stiff, painful and inflamed, is a no joke. This will prevent you from doing your normal routine in life. who would want to wake up with the screaming agony of pain because of the unending burns in the joints? No one, I believe! You will also get deprived of eating the foods that you love to eat. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the suffering. Just wait until the complications of gout kicks in. This is what this article will talk about –the complications of gout. The good thing here is that you can avoid them! Interested? Read on!

The Complications of Gout

First and foremost, if you leave gout untreated and you continue suffering from the gout attacks, over the years, you may face various irrevocable and everlasting damage in the joints. In fact, the joints may become distorted wherein you may become disabled. Eventually, the affected joints may come out of the alignment and be concentrated totally immovable. Furthermore, it is not also impossible that you will be needing a surgical operation on your joints. This is to screw back the bones together because of the bone erosion over the past years.

One more complication of gout after a long period of time is the development of tophi. The uric acid, which deposits in the soft tissues in the joints may cause nodules or tophi. These nodules or tophi are small yellowish or white lumps, which build up in the skin. Furthermore, even though tophi is painless usually, they may form in various awkward parts of the body.

Another complication of gout are the kidney stones. This complication actually happens to 10-40 percent of those who suffer from gout. however, since they suffer from gout, the chances may double, thus ending up with kidneys stones in the body. The kidney stones aren’t just painful like gout, but are both developed because of the high levels of uric acid in the blood. If you are suffering from gout, you’re at much higher risk of developing kidney stones. Especially in the near future, if you are not watching your diet and treating your gout in the proper way.

One more complication is the complication on the joints or on wherever the tophi infects. This may be the first of all the complications of gout. For instance, if you’re unlucky enough to have tophi in the inner ear, then most probably deafness might be the possible complication. Moreover, the lump of the uric acid crystal may also cause some septic arthritis on the joints, thus doubling the pain.

The next complication of gout is heart disease. This is mainly because both conditions are in association with the unhealthy lipid levels as well as the cholesterol. Gout may increase the risk of developing a heart attack. For those who suffer from gout, they tend to suffer from hyperuricemia that is also in connection to the much higher risk of death from heart disease like coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

The development of cataract or dry eye syndrome. This particular complication of gout is actually rare. However, you must be well aware that this may really happen. You should always make sure that you are eating healthy and your lifestyle is good.

Lastly, let us not forget about the possible psychological effects that the condition may cause the gout sufferer in the long run. This may affect the mood, thus causing either anxiety or depression to the patient.

Complications of Gout: The good news

Now here is the thing. The complications that gout may bring about may be reversed. In order for you to do that, you should follow what your doctor has suggested you do. Take all the necessary medications for the condition. Eat the proper diet for gout, and change what you need to change your lifestyle. Furthermore, be wary of all the things you are doing in life. After all, it is our bad habits that cause us to suffer from various things.

I hope this article could be of a great help in disseminating the importance of disciplining yourself when it comes to the proper gout diet and lifestyle in order to avoid any complications of gout.


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