What Are The Complications Of Having Gout?


Gout, in itself is a bad news. Your toes and fingers get stiffen, thus causing you to be able to do your normal routine. And that is a bad news. You wake up; screaming the agony of pain as gout seemingly burns your joints. And that’s another bad news, isn’t it? The list of foods that you are allowed to eat continues to decrease. And that would probably be the worst news of them all. Just as when all of these bad news spates you, you begin to think, is it going to get worse?

The sad thing is that it is not the end of the suffering that you can get from gout. Just wait until you suffer from the complications of gout. This particular article wishes to explain the possible complications that you can get from gout. What’s the good news is that you can avoid them. Read on and get to know more about them.

Complications on the Joints

Most probably, one of the first complications of gout that will come to mind if the probable complications of the condition to the joints or on whatever area tophi has infected. For example, if you’re unlucky to have the tophi in your inner ear, then deafness would be the possible first complication that may come to mind. Furthermore, the protrusion of the uric acid crystal may also cause septic arthritis to the joints that are affected, thereof doubling the excruciating pain. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. The complications of gout don’t simply revolve all over the joints.

What Will Most Of The People Never Tell?

There are few people who will dare to say that gout may lead to hypertension, diabetes, or even cancer and some other degenerative conditions. Sadly, both the logical reasoning and both statistical studies may lead to the conclusion, which gout is connected to all of those illnesses. Well, maybe those illnesses are not gout complications, however, the underlying conditions that caused the condition will promote the development of all these degenerative illnesses too. Hyperuricemia and acidosis.

Dark Side Of Gout: Acidosis & Hyperuricemia Will Destroy You

Actually, there are three (3) characteristics of hyperuricemia and acidosis, which may lead to a bunch of gout complications. Read on below to know them all:

  • Acidosis deprives you of minerals

The body needs to maintain its own acid-alkaline balance. However, with acidosis causing destruction, this balance is lost. To be able to compensate for this, the body must draw minerals from the muscle mass, as well as in the bones. This is to balance the pH levels of the bloodstream. This may lead to the weakening of the bones, as well as in mineral loss.

  • They corrode your cells thus leading to degenerative illnesses

The uric acid and any other acids that infest an acidotic body will weaken the cell walls. A body that is acidotal is a chest that is full of free radicals. This is because acids are free radicals. For some, this may not seem to be a big deal, however, the cell wall plays a very important role in the behavior and survival of the cell. For instance, the insulin receptors are available on the cell walls. If this gets destroyed, then the individual cell will not be able to take the insulin. Without the insulin, it will not be able to ingest the glucose. This is now what explains why hyperuricemia and acidosis lead to type 2 diabetes.

  • They reduce the rate on which acid is being excreted

Due to the fact that the body must reduce the other toxins and acids together with the uric acid, acidosis will lower the net uric acid excretion rate. Therefore, gout worsens. Additionally, the list of possible complications like uric acid kidney stone as increasing uric acid accumulates in the bloodstream.

The Good News

Now here is the good news. The acidosis has the possibility to be reversed. This particular process is a long one, and needs a thorough explanation. We’ll not be including it here now ‘cause it’s way beyond the scope of this article. Regardless of that, it is still a good thing to know that acidosis is reversible.


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