Voltaren VS Colgout: Are they safe to take together?


Gout is an illness the commonly gives the ones who suffer from it a desire to haste. When you have gout, the pain can be so extreme. This is the reason why if you are suffering from the condition, you shouldn’t wait for it to subside. Moreover, this is also one of the reasons why those who suffer from the condition are more prone to careless decisions. One decision that they ought to do is taking two medications at a time. Well, sometimes, it can be of a great help. But sometimes, it can just make the situation much worse or show no effects at all. In this article, you will get to know more about the two drugs that gout sufferers often use, Voltaren and Colgout.

Are they really beneficial for the condition? Do they cause any harm? Are there any interactions among these drugs? Is it safe to take them both together? Well, you’ll get the answers to these questions below! Read on if you want to know!

What is Voltaren?

Voltaren is actually a brand name of diclofenac, which falls under the category of NSAID or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs. As the acronym NSAID implies, it is used in relieving inflammation and pain that are the same as colchicine. On the other hand however, the mechanism of Voltaren is quite dissimilar.

The diclofenac actually removes the inflammation and pain by way of removing your own capability of feeling them.

We know that the inflammation and pain are our body’s reaction or alarm systems. If a particular foreign substance suddenly dares to invade your own body, the immune system will fight back. Furthermore, the inflammation and the pain exists only to tell you that there is something on that certain part of your body that shouldn’t be there in the first place. This is actually a part of our body’s survival mechanism.

In order to initiate a certain repulsion of the foreign object that comes along with inflammation and pain, the damaged cells release a certain acid (arachidonic), which will then be converted by cox1 enzymes and cox2 enzymes (both of which are cyclooxygenase), to the other substances, which will send dissimilar signals like lowering the pain threshold, inflammation, and raising the body temperature.

Moreover, to be able for the arachidonic to be converted, it has to attach its own self into both of the cox1 and cox2 enzymes. However, it should only be attached to the specific spot in that enzyme known as the active site. The active site is actually where the Voltaren comes in, it may react with the cyclooxygenase enzymes and then attach itself to it so that the arachidonic acid may be converted. This is how the inflammation and pain will vanish.

What is Colgout?

Colgout is actually a brand name of Colchicine, which falls under the mitotic inhibitor category. Colgout is believed to be beneficial in taking away the inflammation and pain. Luckily, it can! However, the bad thing is that it comes at a very expensive cost.

We mentioned awhile ago that Colgout falls under the mitotic inhibitor category. Have you heard of mitosis before? well, yes, I am talking about one of the very important processes in the body. The mitosis or cell division is the way in which the cells reproduce. This is what causes you to grow taller! Not just that, if you go out and drink alcoholic beverages with your friend, it is mitosis who help in repairing the liver.

Colgout blights that particular important process. By doing this, the drug can help in reducing the number of white blood cells in attacking the area that has gout. Thus, causing lesser inflammation and pain in the area. In just a matter of minutes, the inflammation and pain will vanish. Not just that, since Colgout is a Colchicine, when you take it, it impairs the neutrophils’ microtubes, thus disabling them so that it can’t attack the uric acid crystals.

Is it safe to take Voltaren and Colgout together?

There are no particular studies yet if there is an interaction between Voltaren and Colgout. However, taking both of them together in a single time may be quite counterproductive.

I am not saying that it is inappropriate to take both Voltaren and Colgout at the same time, actually you can take them both at one time. However, this could be similar to having two drivers in just one steering wheel. Just like 1+1=1, counterproductive, isn’t it?

Voltaren vs. Colgout                               

The main point of this article is that Voltaren and Colgout may affect the body in 2 different manners. Therefore, their effect may stack.

The Colgout lowers the effectiveness of the white blood cells that are attacking, Voltaren on the other hand, removes the capacity of the body to feel the inflammation and pain. Remember, the effect of which will not be twice. Furthermore, if you take both drugs at the same time, the improvement of the condition that you will feel will be lower in comparison that taking two doses of each drug.

What could be worse is that, the side effects will definitely stack. Both of which are not selective. You have no power to instruct both Voltaren and Colgout. They will affect targets randomly. Therefore, your entire immune system will be affected. You must bear in mind that both drugs are essential in treating gout, you must be careful of using them. If one is already enough, then use only one.


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