Voltaren Gel: Is It A Good Treatment For Gout?


Gout attacks when you least expect it, and when it unleashes its ferocity, you will feel a very tempting sensation. You will feel a desire to rub that certain area or joint that is affected. Even though you already know that when you rub that certain area, you will not be able to take away the pain, you still do it. This is mainly because by rubbing it, the particular sensation somehow helps in relieving, thus you keep on rubbing and rubbing. But, what if I am to tell you that with the proper treatments, this incessant rubbing \may remove the pain, will you believe me?

Well, read this article if you want to know the truth. In this article, you will get to know more about the Voltaren gel, which is very efficient for gout. Does it work? Will it reduce the inflammation and pain? Or is it useless? Well, let’s find out the answers!

Voltaren Gel For Gout?

Voltaren is one of the brand names of diclofenac that is part of the NSAID or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs category of medications. As the category implies, it is beneficial in getting rid of inflammation and pain, which are very similar as the colchicine. However, Voltaren’s mechanism is quite contradictory.

Moreover, diclofenac gets rid of the inflammation and pain through the removal of the sufferer’s capacity to feel them.

When experiencing gout, the inflammation and pain are the body’s reaction or alarm systems. In addition, the inflammation and the pain occurs only to say that there’s something on that particular part of the body that must not be in there. This is a part of the survival mechanism of the body.

To be able to initiate the repulsion of the foreign object, which comes together with the inflammation and pain, the broken cells discharge arachidonic acid, which will then be changed by cyclooxygenase enzymes, to some other substances that will send different signals like reducing the pain, inflammation, and body temperature that’s rising.

Furthermore, in order for the arachidonic acid to be transformed, it needs to attach its self to both of the cyclooxygenase enzymes. Conversely, it must only be involved to a certain spot in that enzyme called active site. The active site is essentially where Voltaren enters, it can actually react with both the cyclooxygenase enzymes and attach its own self to it for the conversion of the arachidonic acid. This is now how the inflammation and pain disappears.

Voltaren is typically taken orally. However, there is also Voltaren in the form of gel as a topical medication. If you want to use it in relieving the gout pain and inflammation, you just need to apply it on the skin of the affected area and it will do its magic on its own.

Voltaren Gel – Real Performance?

The real performance of the Voltaren gel doesn’t really live up that it has on its name. What’s true is that it is a bit better in comparison to some other NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs. This is in a sense that it encourages lesser side effects. However, it is usually outpaced because its base is actually sodium salt and potassium salt. Some other NSAIDs  use the potassium salt that is much faster. Therefore, if you somehow decide to use the Voltaren gel in treating gout, the flare-ups will not directly subside, however, you can expect there there’ll be lesser stomach issues.

All the other NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs may cause  damage to the stomach or in the gastrointestinal tract. This is mainly due to the epithelium, which becomes thinner when you take them. This actually has something to do with the mechanism that it does to be able to relieve the pain.


Basing on the mechanism, the application of Voltaren gel to treat gout makes a huge sense. It actually deforms the cyclooxygenase that contributes to the inflammation and pain. However, its own effects are way limited due to its tropical form. Not just that, it is also due to the fact that it uses sodium salt as its base.

Unluckily, the Voltaren gel may only just give a temporary relief for the symptoms of gout. So if you don’t want to settle for something that can cure your gout forever, then don’t go for Voltaren gel. The side effects of it are really not worth it. Search for something that will really treat your condition for life!


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