Unconventional Ways Of Dealing With Uric Acid Kidney Stones


One of the worse illnesses that may come with gout is the uric acid kidney stones. What’s even worse is that there is a possibility that a person who suffers from gout may also encounter the uric acid kidney stone at least once in a lifespan. The worst part in here is that, the way of the operation is through when a certain patient decides in going for it. the kidney stone is actually bombarded with a repercussion, in order to explode inside of you. Therefore, a lot may look for various natural ways in dissolving the uric acid kidney stones.

In order to finish reading through this article, you need to maintain having an open mind. This is since this article will be discussing the different unconventional ways of dealing with the uric acid kidney stones. Furthermore, the process that comes with this is actually beneficial in ending your suffering from gout.

Why Remove the Uric Acid Kidney Stones and Gout?

The reason why we should remove the uric acid kidney stones and gout is that, the underlying cause of the uric acid kidney stones, as well as gout, which is the uric acid, may certainly cause mayhem in the body, and may leave a trace of some other degenerative illnesses in the awakening of the annihilation that it caused.

So how does this thing happen?

Well the high concentration of the uric acid, as well as some other acids in the bloodstream, means high levels of free radicals. This is due to the fact that the acidity is the concentration of the hydrogen atoms, and the hydrogen is the best sample of a free radical.

Furthermore, the electron of an atom is thought to come pairs in order to be stable. If they don’t have any pair, they will either steal the electron of some other atoms, or will bind with them in order to create a mutual pair. This changes the chemical structure of the atom therefore causing a lot of damage. Since the hydrogen has only a single electron, it may always cause cruel destruction by changing the chemical structures of those that are around it. This actually includes the cells, and may lead to insulin resistance, cancer, and a number of some other degenerative conditions.

Dissolving the Uric Acid Kidney Stones

Doctors commonly suggest taking lots and lots of water in the hopes of flushing the stone out. Even though this is true and effective, there are still some other ways for you to upsurge the effectiveness of it.

The uric acid, with no single doubt, is an acid. If we are going to have a review of the basic chemistry, we are to realize that there’s only one thing that may neutralize the acids. and this is the alkaline!

For that very reason, we’ll be taking advantage of both the water and the alkaline in order to neutralize both the uric acid in the body and the uric acid kidney stone. As the alkaline water dissolves the uric acid crystal, the uric acid in the body will get flushed out hence avoiding any further gout and kidney stones.

The only question left now is, where can you get an alkaline water? Well, you can get them through installing a water ionizer, even though that costs thousands of dollars literally. On the other hand, and more effectively, you may use the ionic calcium in order to increase the pH level of your water. one good example of the ionic calcium is the Calkaline.

More than the alkalizing effect, the ionic calcium may help reduce the possibility of the formation of the kidney stones from the Calcium Oxalate as the ionic calcium picks the excess oxalate up in the digestive system. This is what prevents it from getting absorbed by the urinary tract.

If you are suffering from uric acid, you are required for such protection. To protect your kidney, you need magnesium, which may only be available in most purine-rich foods just like spinach. Remember that by eating purine, you will be able to acquire magnesium, however, it will cause you to have uric acid too.


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