Uncertain Sides of Hyperuricemia Causes


Eating too much of the foods that are rich in purine is the cause of the hyperuricemia. But how about to the individuals who are avoiding these foods? Why the individuals who have strict diet also gets the attention of this devil?

The answer to these is not only the diet can cause this condition. The hyperuricemia cause has two sides, which are the input and the output.

What this article is aiming is to let you know about the uncertain sides of the hyperuricemia causes.

Probable Cause 1: Excessive amount of trash

Think about this certain situation:

There are ten janitors which are assigned to the maintenance of the building.  They have the freedom to choose where they will clean as long as they all manage to keep the place clean. They can do the task easily and can do even additional tasks just to ease the boredom.

Now we will add a twist. The company has decided to hold a general assembly for the company’s employees. The function hall is where the event will take place. The janitors are very unlucky because the employees seem to be undisciplined for they just leave the function hall a total mess, trash everywhere. Even though the janitors are all very skilled, they will have difficulty cleaning the mess. The ending will be either they will not finish the job or they will finish the job but will have a problem in maintaining the rest of the building.

We will add again a twist. The boss has purchased a machine which seems to produce trash that makes the building messier. This is simply a torture for the janitors. They will never ever able to accomplish the task no matter what skills they have.

This is what is like to happen to the body when overeating the purine. Eating too much purine will lead to a too much production of the purine. The reason for that is because the purine has to be converted into uric acid so that it will be excreted out. Also, the body will produce uric acid as the cells die. You do not have to worry though! An excretory system, a normal one, is skillful in taking care of the uric acid input. Thus the purine input is popular, not the all most common hyperuricemia causes though.

There are situations which will cause the body to have abnormal high uric acid and purine. An example is the Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome. In this syndrome, the rate where the body will produce uric acid is really high, in which like here are always a general assembly that gives the bodily janitors a torture. The syndrome is enough to cause a hyperuricemia.

Probable Cause 2: Inadequate Manpower

Below is the continuation of the unfortunate janitors’ situation:

9 out of 10 janitors walked out of the building and never returned due to the cruelty of the boss. Even though the cruelty already ended, the only one janitor that is left is still cannot finished this task every day. Why though? The reason, of course, is the lack of the manpower. Although he is skillful in sweeping, mopping, trashing out and cleanings stuff, the everyday task is hard to be finished. Also, the building will dirty itself as the day progresses is a major factor.

It is the same case with the body. The manpower is the strength of both liver and the kidney. Like what is mentioned before, the excretory system can flush out the uric acids but if this system fails, there will be an accumulation of the uric acid. The damages to the liver and kidney are where the lack of power originates.

Make the kidney an example. A normal kidney has from 800000 to 1.5 million nephrons or filtering unit. You can think of these as the janitors that are trashing out the uric acid. One day, you become the cruel boss in which you eat a lot of salty foods and drink a lot of beer. The nephrons will surely to decline in number as you continue in damaging it. What if the 1.5 million nephrons dropped down into 150000? In just means that only 10% of the original will be your kidney’s filtration capacity. In this case, the period where the uric acid will take in order to be excreted is ten times more.

We will tell you a fact: kidney damage is not just a job solely by the kidney diseases. There are various of diseases out there like hypertension and diabetes which can give damage to the kidney. Even in the diabetes absence, the high blood sugar will damage the nephrons and blood vessels slowly. It is the same with the blood pressure that is above the normal.

So what is the solution then? Well, helping the janitors by giving the right tools to them. Why give them a robotic vacuum cleaner which will patrol the building, collect the trash and clean the building? Check out the ionic calcium to know more.


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