Things You Need To Know About Gout


Envision yourself, not being able to move your fingers. Quite difficult, isn’t it? it’ll be hard for you to use your phone, to write, and to do some of your tasks that are supposedly easy to do. Furthermore, you may also not be able to easily turn the page of the book that you are reading.

Also, imagine yourself not being able to bend your elbows, knees, and elbows. Even though you didn’t lose them, you are not capable of using them all. It is for a certain that it will be obstructing, isn’t it? well, that is exactly the restraint gout patients suffer in their day-to-day life.

Luckily, we can dodge such punishing condition. In the actual fact, in contrast to the popular belief, you can reverse gout, in a natural way!

What is Gout?

For those who doesn’t really know gout, it’s actually a kind of arthritis, which comes with red swollen joints and the burning pain in the area that’s affected. This is due to the uric acid crystallizing in the synovial joints.  On worst case scenarios, gout may result to kidney stones and therefore probable organ failures.

Origins of Gout

The connection between arthritis is quite unconceivable so I’ll be explaining how do gout forms first. The uric acid is a byproduct that’s produced from the metabolic breakdown of purine. It is the sawdust when the body tries to “construct” purine into a disposable or usable form.  Furthermore, the presence of the small amount of uric acid in the body is just normal since purine’s also produced when the cells die. Even just a minimal intake of purine may be accepted. This is the debt to the hard work of our excretory system. However, the efficiency of the excretory system has its limits.

The main pathway of the uric acid excretion is the liver and the kidneys. It’s first broken down in the liver. And then, it’s forwarded to the kidney to be excreted as urine. Unluckily, the liver and the kidneys may not process all of the uric acid at the same time. You may think of them as factories with inadequate manufacture rate. The materials must be stored in temporary warehouses ‘til it’s already their turn to be processed. In the case of the body, the temporary warehouse is actually the interstitial fluids.

It’s for a fact that the excessive purine intake is a cause. However, the acidosis is a major causal factor.  The acidosis is the cause of the impediment. Moreover, the acidosis is the cause of the pain. Acidosis is the cause of gout! Without this acidosis, there’ll be no excess acids.

So in order to prevent gout, we should reverse acidosis!

How to reverse acidosis

In order to neutralize the acidosis, we must apply the basic laws of chemistry. The acidity is the equivalent of alkalinity. They’re actually opposing forces. If you raise one, you will be reducing the other and vice versa. Consequently, in order to reduce the acidity, you must raise the alkalinity to the ideal levels.

This may be easily done through following various philosophies. For example, you need to exercise, in exercise we mean, in a way that doesn’t overexert the body as this kind of exercise exercise may cause anaerobic respiration and may eventually produce lactic acid. This just means that there‘ll be an additional acid in the bloodstream hence increasing the acidity and reducing the alkalinity.

Why You Should Choose Alkaline Water Over Drugs?

This is mainly because medications have lots and lots of side effects! For instance, go search for the Colchicine and it is described as a “toxic natural product”. It’s actually known to have various adverse side effects. All of these side effects are even life threatening. You don’t need to get overdosed in order to get poisoned. One more example is the lethal side effects of the Allopurinol, namely the Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson syndrome, both conditions may literally peel your skin off!

You do not have to suffer! Free yourself from gout, or even avoid it!


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