Things You Need To Know About Gout In The Fingers


Gout attacks in a very random way as the lump may pop up and do various undesirable things that may distinguish the condition from the others. The unbearable pain. The debilitating red enflamed joint. The worse, gout selects no joints to be exempted. Name it all, the toes, ankles, knees, the spine, and even the finger, gout mat affect them all.

This article wishes to explain gout in fingers. Why in the fingers? How long does the attack last? What can you do to ease all the pain? Read on to k now the answers!


Gout is a condition that is more than capable of giving you a scream-worthy type of pain. It is mainly caused by the uric acid crystallization. Usually, the uric acid will not have the capacity to crystallize. However, given the right condition, it may crystallize and may cause you to feel a type of pain that you don’t even ask for.

As we are already talking about the right conditions, there are actually two different factors, which can make the uric acid crystallize.  They are following:

  • Cold temperature: this factor that contributes to the crystallization of the uric acid is due to the saturation point. The saturation point may get lower when the temperature drops. Therefore, the colder the temperature, the more easily the uric acid to crystalize.
  • Sufficient volume: for a solute to get crystallized, the volume it has must be too much to be dissolved by the solvent. As the solute turns out to be saturated, it will solidify, thus forming uric acid crystals.

When the uric acid becomes crystallized, the neutrophils will detect them classifying them as some sort of foreign bodies hence attacking them. As the neutrophils fail, they’ll die, then in the process, they’ll release arachidonic acid hence kindling both the pain and the inflammation –the gout attack. So, that’s the basics of the gout attacks, we can now discuss the gout in fingers.

Gout in Fingers

If you’re suffering from gout in your fingers, the chances are you‘ve already agonized gout or other tophaceous deposits in some other parts of the body. Typically, it’s the big toe, which suffers first. It may seem weird, but this is true, yet there are no official studies about it yet. Conversely, there may be probable explanations for this.

The blood flows gentler in the toes, since the pulse must combat gravity. Hence, the uric acid that’s flowing there is more bare to the cold temperature of the lower extremities. Once you acquire gout in whatever part of the body, it’s most likely that most of the parts of the body have the sufficient volume factor. Therefore, gout in whatever part of the body is already an indication of more gouts to come. If you don’t have gout in the toe yet gout attacks some other parts of the body, assume the toe could be added to the list.

The fingers are quite warmer than that of the toe. Therefore, it has a lesser chance of developing the uric acid crystals. Gout in the fingers is much rarer than on the toes, although they can last as long as it happens most probably because of the slow blood flow.


Commonly, gout in the fingers may attack both of them. You must be prepared and look closely at some pain spikes and the tingling sensation on the fingers. If this happens, you may soak your hands on a warm water. Bear in mind that the cold temperature may improve the chances of acquiring gout.

Now that you already have enough knowledge about gout in the fingers, here are some things that you can do about it:

  • You must know what is bad for gout, be it foods or activities.
  • Distinguish the foods that you must avoid with gout. The gout diet involves some weird stuff just like avoiding the very nutritious vegetables and fruits.
  • Follow a good gout meal plan to reduce the level of uric acid.
  • Be knowledgeable of what to do for the condition. You must know how to relieve the gout pain, and how you’ll reduce the level of uric acid.
  • If you’re into medications, bear in mind all the time, the right meds to take for.


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