Things You Need To Know About Colgout


Apart from the risky burning sensation, troublesome inflammation, and a lot of complication, what does gout do to its sufferers?

One, sense of urgency. Why would you wait for the condition to subside, isn’t it? Whosoever suffers from the symptoms that gouts give will surely desire to be treated as rapidly as possible. One of the medications that sufferers use is Colgout. Some ask how long does this particular medication take to work on treating gout. Well, the answer to this question is here in this article. Not just that, it will also aim to answer what happens after Colgout’s effect sets into the body.

What is Colgout?

Colgout is actually a brand name of Colchicine, which falls under the mitotic inhibitor category. Colgout is believed to be beneficial in taking away the inflammation and pain. Luckily, it can! However, the bad thing is that it comes at a very expensive cost.

Colgout impairs the process of cell division. By doing this, the drug can help in reducing the number of white blood cells in attacking the area that has gout. Thus, causing lesser inflammation and pain in the area. In just a matter of minutes, the inflammation and pain will vanish. Not just that, since Colgout is a Colchicine, when you take it, it impairs the neutrophils’ microtubes, thus disabling them so that it can’t attack the uric acid crystals.

What happens after Colgout sets in?

The medicine will manifest its effect after about 12 to 24 hours. However, it can also be much sooner or much later. The higher the dosage, the more effective it will become. However, it will also have much more severe side effects on the body. You should always be careful in taking in Colgout. Always make sure that you follow the dosage that is prescribed by your doctor. Most especially because it is very poisonous.

Typically, the dosage of Colchicine will be a maximum of about 1.8 milligrams every day. It could be a series of 0.3 milligrams each and every hour in six hours, or perhaps about 1.2 milligrams and then 0.6 milligrams after 60 minutes.

What should you expect?

The inflammation, as well as the pain will go away and it will not come back for a few days or maybe even weeks. If you maintain a much healthier lifestyle and eliminate the root or main cause of gout, then it may not come back forever.

Moreover, you must also be prepared for diarrhea. In the actual fact, there chance of acquiring diarrhea due to taking in Colgout is about 100%. As stated earlier, Colgout, or Colchicine in general, is a poison. Your own body will try eliminating it through defecation. Actually there is a study, which suggests that Colchicine’s bioavailability is about 44% on average.

Desolately, Colgout may only treat the inflammation and pain relief and not exactly the uric acid. Remember, the uric acid is what causes the pain and inflammation. Since it only relieves pain and inflammation, doctors prescribe it along with febuxostat or allopurinol.

Colgout: Why is it a poison?

As stated earlier that Colgout or Colchicine, in general is a poison. Furthermore, colchicine is also a mitotic inhibitor. This just means that it helps in inhibiting the process of mitosis. The mitosis or cell division is the process or way in which the cells reproduce. This is what causes you to grow taller! Not just that, if you go out and drink alcoholic beverages with your friend, it is mitosis who help in repairing the liver.

However, if mitosis is inhibited, there are several bodily mechanisms that may be disrupted. The white blood cells may become smaller in number, thus foreign entities may easily invade the body. Moreover, the production of the bone marrow is also affected, which may increase the risk of anemia. Not just that, men who suffer from this condition may also experience erectile dysfunction and worse, infertility. The glomerular filtration rate of the kidney may also get damaged,

Taking even just 2 milligrams of Colgout may be fatal already, especially when the sufferer has liver or kidney diseases. Furthermore, if a certain person who has a goat have either of the two said conditions, then he or she must avoid taking Colgout. Mainly, because the Colgout’s bioavailability increases as the organs fail to excrete the medicine. Thus making the toxins stay much longer in the body.

The worst thing about Colgout is that just like any brands of Colchicine is not selective. You don’t have the capacity to instruct it to affect only the cells in the joints that are affected. It will go over the body, and thus affect the cells in it. Therefore, it is very important to just take the prescribed amount of Colgout than to excessively consume it.


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