The Things You Need To Know About The Zipsor


The pain that is accompanying the gout is not that easy to manage. You can think of any scenarios, memories or funny and silly things just to keep your mind away from the pain but it is not enough. There are worst cases, without exaggerating it, where it becomes so painful that you just simply want to cut off the affected joint. That is why individuals who suffer from gout choose medications that have lesser side effects. The inflammation and pain are enough to be a torture and side effects are only the additions.

What this article is all about is aiming at elaborating the side effects of a specific gout medication namely Zipsor. Is taking this medicine a worth? Will it have more pain than gain?

ZIPSOR: What it is?

Zipsor that is a brand name for diclofenac potassium and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug. Furthermore, this diclofenac potassium is working by reducing the substances which cause pain and inflammation in the body. The Zipsor is used in order to cure mild to moderate acute pain in individuals who are 18 years of age and above.

Zipsor: Why it is Useful to those who Suffers from gout?

To make the attack of gout successful, there are two elements to be considered. The two elements are the debilitating inflammation and unbearable pain and these are what the Zipsor tries to remove. Fortunately, this medicine really does it in a VERY FAST way. Unfortunately, the quick short-term relief is possible to be pretty expensive. Taking this medicine will give gout suffers the relief as well as the side effects.

In order to have more understanding of the Zipsor’s side effects, the mechanism behind the inflammation and pain which is linked to gout should be understood first.

How Does Zipsor Work?

Because it is an NSAID, the Zipsor is following the mechanism of the other pain relievers. They are targeting what causes the inflammation and pain. Is it the uric acid? The answer is no. What they are targeting is the cyclooxygenase which is an important enzyme that is playing an essential role in various auto-immune defenses of the body.

The cyclooxygenase is not directly caused the inflammation and pain. What it does is manufacturing the things that are involved in the auto-immune responses. These things are the substances namely the prostaglandins.

Each of the prostaglandins then will be manufactured into various types of substances. These will do several different autoimmune things like to ignite a inflammation and pain that will make flinch, send in white blood cell to fight the foreign substances, and to raise the temperature of the body. The first two is what gout suffer will most likely to feel.

After the manufacturing, there will sure to have a raw material. In this case, the raw material is called as arachidonic acid. If there is something unpleasant to happens, the arachidonic acid will be released from the cell.

Then, you the manufacturing process will stop? Will it involve cutting off the raw material? The answer to the question is no. So, in what way the manufacturer should be disabled?

The medicine Zipsor is disabling the cyclooxygenase. Therefore, even though there are a large amount of arachidonic acid is released, the amount to be converted into prostaglandins will only be limited.

Zipsor: What are the side effects

What the Zipsor and other NSAIDs effect is to disable the cyclooxygenase. The side effect of these is pain relief but that is not what the medical literature is accepting.

What made the Zipsor similar to the other NSAIDs specifically to other Diclofenac brands is its main side effects. Gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcer are what said to be the most common side effects. there are lucky individuals who will only experience stomachache and heartburn. It is apparent to me that these side effects have connections to the stomach acidity. The reason is that the cyclooxygenase is responsible for the autoimmune mechanisms as well as maintenance of the stomach epithelium. the thinning of the wall of the stomach will be one of the effects that can lead to a gastric acid. the Zipsor can also cause strokes and heart attack. Additionally, it is at the bottom of the medication list in which the causes the heart attack.

What considered to be the “lighter” side effects of this medicine is the minor immune suppression. You are hindering various autoimmune responses like in summoning the white blood cells in order to attack virus and bacteria when the cyclooxygenase is restrained. Thus, you are most likely to have no protection against several numbers of infections and diseases. Taking Zipsor as medication for the gout is not a good idea. The NSAIDs such as Zipsor are basically not recommended for the individuals who have heart diseases.

Too much of the uric acid is simply sufficient to be a trigger of a heart attack. Add the NSAIDs and surely the risk will be really be doubled.


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