The Things You Need To Know About Gout and Vinegar


We are spending a large amount of money to visit a doctor in order to know what medicines we really need. After the doctor prescribed the medicine, then we will go to the pharmacy to buy a ton that will last for a long period of time. But if the medicine we bought is not effective to us, we will spend again a pretty large amount just to go again to the doctors to complain and ask for another prescription. And again, we will find ourselves in the pharmacy buying a ton of the prescribed medicines. This cycle will happen for a period of time.

Even though the doctors and the medicines are excellent, a large amount of money we spend is truly a burden. That is why we are commonly looking for something that is cheaper. And what might surprise you is that there is something that you can find in the kitchen which can really help you.

Vinegar : Is this a cure for gout?

There are several claims in which the vinegar whether it is the common one or the apple cider can help in easing gout. It is in fact considered to be a surprise as medicine to cure several conditions like cancer and diabetes. It might look as exaggerating, especially by the marketers, but the vinegar’s health benefits are somewhat true because it can help but not entirely can cure.

One of the health benefits of the vinegar is the contribution of it to the body’s acid-alkaline balance. It is turning the alkaline in the stomach. However, there is no proof about this but we will discuss the possible benefits it can give to our body.

What if the claims were true?

If the claim is true about the vinegar’s acid-alkaline contribution, then there are possibly two effects to the individuals who suffer from gout which is easing gout or worsening gout.

Treating the gout is not as simple as it seems such as eating the stuff that has alkaline and avoiding the acidic ones. It applies to the vinegar whose fate is in some way inclusive inside the digestive tract. The acetic acid which is the vinegar’s main ingredient can either boost the uric acid excretion by providing alkalinity or disrupt it. However, it seems that the claims are most likely not true.

In order for us to understand it, we must discuss the alkalinity and acidity.

The POH and pH scale

The potential of hydrogen scale (pH) is the ratio of the hydrogen present in a substance like the acetic acid. If there is more hydrogen, the pH is lower and a substance is more acidic.

The claims are “the acetic acid becomes an alkaline as it enters our body” and it is possible to be true. However, something that is alkaline has freely floating hydrogen atoms that should be reacting with another freely floating atom like the Calcium. We will wonder then on where the acetic acid gets the material and if it is performing alchemy in order to create magnesium out of nowhere. The stuff like this is actually not happening. The mineral it is utilizing comes from the body. Therefore, the acetic acid becomes an alkaline thought it does not really give minerals.

Do the bases really neutralize acids?

The answer is yes. However, the “neutralization process” is just about the reduction of the hydrogen atoms by combining this with the minerals that the acetic acid does not offer. The acetic acid is, in fact, giving you hydrogen atoms excess more but this is easily flushed out by urinating. But is an additional burden to the kidney and thus, the uric acid excretion is reduced. Most of the body’s acid like the oxalic acid and lactic acid will need attention from the excretory system. Therefore, the risk of having gout will increase due to the presence of these acids. Gout suffered it is also not safe for the reason that it will boost the frequency as well as the degree of the gout attacks.

What is the Alternative then?

The vinegar may possibly be able to give harm than good. You do not have to worry though because there is a truly possible alternative which is alkalizing the water.

Take note though that it is about the alkalinity as well as the minerals. The alkaline is a good source for it. You can install a water ionizer which is pretty expensive or tries the ionic calcium that is a very good source of mineral that you need in order to treat torturous gout once and for all.


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