The Strong Connection Between Smoking And Gout


In this article, we are going to talk about the possible connection between smoking and gout. Can these two really be connected with each other? Give this article a read and you will know. Worry less, because you will be learning a lot of necessary facts from this article! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read.

Smoking and Gout: Can it really cause gout?

Even though there have not been any studies done associating smoking and gout. There are various linking wherein smoking really increase the uric acid levels in the blood, misbalancing the pH levels by making the body even more acidic.

We know that the tobacco smoke may contain thousands and thousands of dangerous and deadly chemicals, which may cause various circulatory problems. This is by way of constricting the peripheral blood vessels. For each of the cigarette that you smoke, the arteries tend to constrict for around one hour with the upshot of 50% reduction in the blood flow.

Moreover, the carbon monoxide impedes with the normal distribution of oxygen. The poor blood flow and the decreased circulation of oxygen prevent the body from eliminating the uric acid efficiently. This leaves the excess in the system, establishing the crystals triggering inflammation and a possible gout attack. Furthermore, if you smoke marijuana, it will have the same impact as the cigarettes. This is since marijuana may acidify to the tissues and blood.

I am not saying that smoking may directly cause gout attacks, but this reduces the overall health though not having the bodywork. This optimally increases the risk of heart disease, gout, and diabetes.

Smoking and Gout: The connection between the two

The toxins and the chemicals of cigarettes may cause the acidity in the body in order to increase whereby the kidneys and the lungs that are the major toxin-eliminating organs in the body. Therefore, by weakening the lungs, it may hamper the ability of the body to eliminate the toxins through breathing out more effectively. Those who smoke don’t engross nutrients that are at the same rate as those who do not smoke. They should eat more servings than the suggested daily allowance of either the vegetables or fruits that are high in vitamin C.

The link between smoking and gout may even go further. In fact, it may affect the cousins of the disease, the patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. There is a study that states, there was a strong connection between rheumatoid arthritis and smoking. This may have occurred in men who were actually positive as a rheumatoid factor.

Furthermore, one study also suggests that the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis was twice for those who smoke. This is in comparison to those who don’t smoke. The former smokers had a much lower risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis than the regular smokers. Moreover, people who never tried smoking had the lowest risk of them all.

Smoking and Smoking: Sleep Apnea

If you’re smoking and suffer from sleep apnea at the same time, you’re at much higher risk of developing gout attack. This is for the reason that the oxygen level in the blood reduces. This causes the cells to go through a destructive process. This may result in the body to release excess uric acid in the blood. All of those who suffer from gout must be tested for sleep apnea. This is to be able to avoid the development of a more serious condition like heart failure, heart attack, kidney diseases, and diabetes.

As a conclusion, those who suffer from gout who smoke and stopped have experiences lesser gout attacks. On the other hand, those who went back to smoking again experienced an increase in the gout symptoms as the immunity weakened. As soon as possible, stop smoking and stop gout!


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