The Relationship In Between The Kidney Stones And Gout


One of the most ironic thing about gout is that it gives you various kinds of crystals. No, don’t think of the crystals that can be pawned, the crystals that gout produces will not make you rich. However, they are capable of making you a no king. I will say it many times, you are not going to be rich with these crystals. Rather, as the gouty tophi obtrude, it pokes a hole not only on the skin, but in the pockets too. What’s worse is that it can cause a hole in the kidneys too. This article wishes to explain the relationship in between the kidney stones and gout.

The clear fact…

It is almost of a guarantee that you get kidney stones at least once in a lifetime if you experience gout. This is especially if you failed in complying to the healthy habits necessary to avoid of gout getting worse, as well as the coming of the complications of it that are so undesirable and deadly. This particular fact is as clear as water. The uric acid crystals in the joints? They can appear in the kidneys too given that they have the right circumstances.

In the actual fact, there is a guarantee that all of the complications of gout may hit you. That is if you are going to live long enough to see all of it. Let’s just say that you lived for about 200 years and then all throughout that 200 years, you decided to not live healthy in spite your hyperuricemia and gout. This just means that the complications will hit you in sequence all throughout your life. Appreciatively, we do not have that such longevity of life.

Now, going back to the connection between kidney stones and gout. Isn’t it true that I said, it is almost of a guarantee that you can get kidney stones because of gout? Well, this is due to the presence of the uric acid. The more that is stays in the body, the more chances of the kidney stones to form.

The uric acid crystal…

There is only one source of the uric acid. And I am talking about purine. Purine is broken down into uric acid to be able to excrete it from the body. Furthermore, purine is inside of you no matter what you do, or no matter where you go. They even say that the human body is a big uric acid crystal mine. This is due to the fact that the purine is being synthesized by the cells in order to use as DNA’s nucleotides. Therefore, when the cells die, the purine is being released into the bloodstream. And because of its size, it is not an easy task to get rid of it. there is a need for it to be broken down into uric acid. An addition to the dilemma is the fact that all the foods that you are eating have purine on it. All of them, actually. However, there are some that have exceptional content of purine.

Usually, the uric acid can be flushed out by the kidneys. However, acidosis helps in causing gout. If you have already reached a point in wherein the uric acid become crystallized and ended up causing gout, the chances are you have an acidotic body. Remember, an excessive amount of acids in the body may help the uric to saturate, and eventually crystallize. This may happen in both the kidneys and the joints. The saturation is the point wherein the bloodstream is almost in the state wherein it is the uric acid with the bloodstream, instead of bloodstream with uric acid. The volume of the uric acid is excessive for the body fluids or the solvents. One example of this particular acid is the oxalic acid that is being produced when you eat foods that are rich in oxalate, just like spinach.

Not just what you eat, but also how you eat it…

It is actually a matter of strategy and timing. Gout and the kidney stones may appear out even with no timing. However, you can time your own diet to keep away the stones. There is only one opposite word for the word acid, and it is alkaline. This just means that the alkaline diet, together with the alkaline water may help in treating the condition, as well as gout and kidney stones.

There is no denying that alkaline foods are powerful. It has the capacity of balancing the level of pH in the bloodstream thus reducing the acidity level. The lesser the acids, the lesser possibility of kidney stones and gout.


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