The Most Staggering Effects Of Artichokes For Gout


Gout is one of the most unfortunate conditions that may deprive you and millions of other people all over the world of happiness. This is especially in their old age. Nevertheless, the good thing is that with lots and lots of medical researches and new insights in their management and prevention, gout sufferers at this time have some absolution in the suppression of the painful and uncomfortable bouts of the condition. This is what now leads to a more bearable life even with the presence of gout. one of the remedies that have been beneficial for quite some time now is the artichokes. The effectiveness of the artichokes as a remedy for gout is actually because of its nutritional benefits along with its some other medicinal properties. Are artichokes for gout really that beneficial? Read on to his article!

All about artichokes

Artichokes are actually known in their own natural form as the cardoon. Scientifically, it is known as Cynara cardunculus. Furthermore, they are native to various regions in the Mediterranean, which is mainly the reason why they are playing a big part in their cuisines. All throughout Europe, artichokes are available, same goes in Europe and various Middle Eastern countries. However, they are less often encountered in Asia.

Actually, the bud that’s within the flower before blooming fully is the only edible part of the artichoke. There is a proper timing in cultivating this plant. This is since they become hard and almost uneatable when the flower has already bloomed. Another coveted part of the plant is the heart of the artichoke, which is actually the base of it that the other buds produce. More often than not, it is considered as a delicacy or at any rate the most delicious part of the plant. This is also the reason why it is more expensive.

Even though it has a prickly appearance, it is so full of nutrients, minerals, and phytochemicals. Furthermore, extracts from the plant have already been beneficail to people for so long. Especially for various medical uses. Not just that, it is also one of those vegetables that have formed the center of the Mediterranean diet. In addition, the enormous nutritional and medicinal values aren’t just related for the gout prevention and gout relief. In fact, they are also in the prevention and relief of a group with some other problems.

Artichokes for Gout: Nutritional Value

Here is what artichokes can give you:

Principle Amount % Daily Value
Energy 47 Kcal 2%
Carbohydrates 10.51 grams 8%
Protein 3.27 grams 6%
Total Fat 0.15 grams 0.5%
Cholesterol 0 milligrams 0%
Dietary Fiber 5.4 grams 14%
Folates 68 micrograms 17%
Niacin 1.046 milligrams 6.5%
Pantothenic acid 0.338 milligrams 7%
Pyridoxine 0.116 milligrams 9%
Riboflavin 0.066 milligrams 5%
Thiamin 0.072 milligrams 6%
Vitamin C 11.7 milligrams 20%
Vitamin A 13 IU 0.5%
Vitamin E 0.19 milligrams 1%
Vitamin K 14.8 micrograms 12%
Sodium 94 milligrams 6%
Potassium 370 milligrams 8%
Calcium 44 milligrams 4%
Copper 0.231 milligrams 27%
Iron 1.28 milligrams 16%
Magnesium 60 milligrams 15%
Manganese 0.256 milligrams 11%
Phosphorus 90 milligrams 13%
Selenium 0.2 micrograms <0.5%
Zinc 0.49 milligrams 4.5%
Carotene-α 8 micrograms
Crypto-xanthin 0 micrograms
Lutein-zeaxanthin 464 micrograms

Artichokes for Gout: Health Benefits

Here are some of the health benefits of artichokes. As well as the reason why it is significant when it comes to the gout prevention and treatment.

  • Good for the metabolic function. Artichoke is rich in manganese, a very powerful nutrient good for the metabolism of the fatty acids, amino acids, as well as cholesterol. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for the body in consuming various nutrients. Especially those that we got from the foods we eat on a daily basis.
  • Good for the liver health. The extracts from the artichokes, as well as its leaves, is recommendable for the liver health. In the actual fact, a research conducted using artichokes suggests that there is a huge reduction in the cholesterol and lipids level in the liver of the samples who take artichokes extract.
  • Good support for digestion. The artichokes actually provide a strong cure for various digestive conditions. This includes indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and heartburn. Artichokes can do this as it has the capacity to normalize the bowel functions and the problems that revolve
  • Rich source of dietary fiber. Regardless of you being a gout sufferer or not, or you need to increase dietary fiber uptake, you will never be wrong if you choose artichokes. The vegetable is not just rich in dietary fiber. It is also rich in some other important vitamins necessary for the overall health of the body.
  • Good source of powerful antioxidants. The artichokes are one of the principal superfoods, to the extent that antioxidants are concerned. Actually, the plant is rich in antioxidants like anthocyanins, quercetin, rutin, and many others. These may bring about a wide range of health benefits, including prevention of illnesses like gout, and even cancer.
Artichokes are one key food that you must incorporate in the gout diet. It is not just a delicious treat for the tummy, it does some amazing things on the gout condition too!


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