The Most Effective Natural Treatment For Hyperuricemia


It is not a mortal sin to be dependent on the hyperuricemia and gout medications. But, it is still mortal. Sadly, all man-made gout medication will provide results that are little to zero. They will, however, give a huge result when it comes to the side effects.

You do not have to get this wrong for there are no intentions in regards to destroying the gout medications names. What I am here for is to convey the undeniable truth and an objective.

What this article is aiming for is introducing a hyperuricemia treatment which is natural that addresses the factors which the modern medicine failed to do so.

The Natural versus the Artificial Treatment of Hyperuricemia

Starting a poll is really not necessary. There is no denying that everyone will agree that nature is still more powerful than the artificial. That is why the scientists began in understanding and imitating the nature’s power. Biomimetics is what it is called. Unfortunately, gout and hyperuricemia medications seem to does the opposite of the biomimetics. These medications are interrupting the design of nature instead of utilizing the nature’s power. The design of nature will work the way it should except if there is a disruption of a small piece of its design

A solid example of the foolish attempt of the human race in disrupting the mother nature is the allopurinol. The allopurinol has the reputation for having the ability to almost instantly lowering the uric acid. What many have failed to realize is that the effect will not last for a long period of time. the reason for that is because the allopurinol is neither stopping the production of the uric acid or flushing it out. Since it was a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, it is only delaying the uric acid production by heading straight to the liver, then it will react with the xanthine oxidase, and it will result to reduce uric acid production.

Unfortunately, the body is designed in a clever way that it intervenes with a single process, it will lead to a discord in the whole body. Except that it is broken down into uric acid, the purine will not be flush out in the body. If you can flush it as a purine, why does it need to be broken down into uric acid? thus, there will be an accumulation of the purine. The production of the uric acid will be delayed for a short period of time and after some time, the uric acid ill rush out that it can cause either high uric acid level or terrible gout attacks. The allopurinol is indeed no a good treatment for the hyperuricemia.

Even though the natural products are better choices as a treatment for the hyperuricemia, it is still important to be very careful. Nature is powerful if it is utilized in the right way. Remember that the tigers and snakes came from nature, but these will not hesitate in attacking you. There are various natural solutions on the market but are not solutions at all.

For an example in many websites, there are scammers and self-proclaimed medicine experts that claim that the cherries are very good in treating the hyperuricemia and gout. It is somehow true in a way that the cherry has antioxidants properties. However, the claims about the cherry exhibiting xanthine oxidase properties were never proven. Because there are no enough logical explanations or proofs, many have decided to start o ventures which involve supplements that are mainly based on turmeric, grapeseed extracts, cherries and many more natural products. All of these are supported by none but studies that have no firm conclusions.

What is the RIGHT Approach?

The right approach in treating the hyperuricemia is certainly the NATURAL path and to be more specific, the right natural path. However, if you end up taking worthless roots and fruits brews, then it will is as useless as taking drugs that are ineffective.

The right treatment for the hyperuricemia is definitely not what you might expect. We will not block the uric acid production because by doing this, it is like putting a pair of shoes in the oven to be cooked. You will be facing a problem which is either your stomach will break down because the shoes are not something meant to be eaten or the oven toaster will break down. It is the same how the body will break down as the purine is something to break down and flush out as a uric acid. that is why you should have your attention on increasing the uric acid flush out rate. Take note that in a system, there will be an input and an output always. If the input seems to be impossible to be controlled, then have your attention on the output.


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