The Interesting Link Between Gout And Dietary Supplements


In this article, we are going to tackle the possible link between gout and dietary supplements. Wait, are these two really connected with each other? Give his article a read and you will get to know the answer. Worry less, because you will learn a lot from this –that’s for sure!

Gout and Dietary Supplements: Where do these dietary supplements fit in?

Dietary supplements are actually described by the US FDA, under an act known as DSHEA or Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1194 as the product that is taken by the mouth, which contains dietary ingredient proposed to enhance the diet. Moreover, the dietary ingredients may comprise of these substances:

  • Amino acid or extracts
  • Metabolite
  • Concentrate
  • Herb
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

Furthermore, dietary supplements usually consist of natural ingredient that makes it less possible to cause negative effects in comparison to various gout medications including colchicine or allopurinol.

Always remember that food and gout diet are the keys to those who suffer from gout. These two should be the first in priority. Take note, the supplements must never ever substitute a good healthy diet for gout. Moreover, it should also be a food replacement. Furthermore, supplements cannot ever replace all the essential nutrients and health benefits the whole foods can give. You can think of the supplements essentially as the plugins for the nutrition breaches in the gout diet. Remember, foods contain not just minerals and vitamins, but phytochemicals, fiber, which work together in promoting good health. This simply can’t be replicated with a cocktail or pill of supplements.

Nevertheless, if you have an illness like gout, and food occasionally falls short and does not include vital nutrients, then a supplement may be beneficial in closing the gap and provide the necessary nutrition that the body and various conditions, just like gout needs.

Actually, the truth is that supplements may help in preventing deficiencies, which may give to various chronic conditions. Moreover, a lot of studies also show the benefits of augmenting the absent nutrients with a dietary supplement to the health. Nonetheless, the key is at all times, thinking of food first, and supplement the necessary gaps.

Gout and Dietary Supplements: What supplements to choose from?

You must pay attention to the dietary practices as well as see if you’re avoiding an entire food group. For instance, dairy, if you’re not consuming any dairy products, then it is wiser to just take a supplement for it. Furthermore, those who suffer from gout need supplements in order to fight and get healthy levels of uric acid. Therefore, naturally, the cherry supplement may help in maintaining healthy levels of uric acid for many.

When it comes to choosing the right supplements, there are various things to think through. First, and foremost, you should try picking a supplement that’s been manufactured by the FDA compliant facility. This is since these supplements followed Current Good Manufacturing Practices. This just means that the supplements have been examined and permitted by the FDA. Furthermore, it means as well that the supplements have already gone through a lot of tests for its potency, accuracy, and make certain that it is free of any contamination.

If you are going to buy for a supplement, it is always the best that you choose the vegetarian capsules, which comes from cellulose, rather than gelatin. Take note, gelatin may raise the uric acid levels as it is animal-based. Furthermore, make certain that the supplement container is clearly indicating the necessary info about the manufacturer. Commonly, the ones who hide their own contact information are the ones who are hiding something. Make sure that it has an informative label and provide precise information.


Just like the prescribed drugs, occasionally, dietary supplements may also have some side effects. Nevertheless, they are infrequently as austere as the drugs. If you happen to experience some negative reactions to the dietary supplements, make sure to stop using it instantly and call your doctor. In order to acquire the health benefits of dietary supplements safely, always refer to your doctor.


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