The Importance Of The Uric Acid Tests


Have you ever experienced going to your doctor and have a general check-up, only to be given a single piece of paper that is filled with very long numbers and jargons that seems to make no sense at all? I personally have experienced that. Moreover, I didn’t care about those jargons and numbers. I just left the interpretation job to my doctor. What I didn’t know is that those numbers are meant to be very important augury. Most especially the uric acid level.

In this article, you will get to know about the importance of the uric acid tests. Read on and get to know all of the important things about it!

The Unobtrusive Killer: Uric Acid

Most probably, you’re not going to your doctor for a uric acid test in just a whim. You are not going to say that, “Maybe my uric acid level is not at its normal level. I want to go to my doctor”. Hence, the excessive uric acid level is commonly discovered late, may it be because the uric acid was actually abnormal in a lab test generally, or maybe there are some complications of hyperuricemia that decided to act by themselves, typically gout. As of this, the uric acid causes chaos even without the awareness of the hyperuricemia sufferers that they are already sufferers of hyperuricemia!

Doing some uric acid tests every from time to time may be a bit weird for normal people, however, it helps. On the other hand, monitoring the levels of the uric acid each time that you go for a general laboratory test is already good enough. If your own uric acid level diverges from its normal range, which is 25 mg/L to 80 mg/L in men and 15 mg/L to 60 mg/L in women, then it’ll be the time that you must notify your doctor. Bear in mind, however, that we aren’t machinery or robots whose specifications have already been preprogrammed and calculated. Accordingly, the normal levels of uric acid of each individual may differ.

Moreover, if you’re not fascinated in taking any uric acid tests as a preemptive scouting against the condition of hyperuricemia, then you can opt to wait for certain disaster to take place. You may wait for your joints to be swollen, hot and red to the walk and touch around with pain that hangs in your neck just like a jewelry. Alternatively, you may wait for various back pain and trouble to urinate and then say hello to the kidney stones. Those are the worst things that you may avoid. Otherwise, you can be on the lookout for various symptoms of hyperuricemia. All of these symptoms aren’t really officially recognized in the medical world. As a matter of fact, hyperuricemia is seen as an asymptomatic illness that shows zero signs until the complications explode. Nevertheless, those symptoms are all worth taking note of, most especially due to the fact that studies are starting to prove and float that the uric acid is the biomarker of various medical illnesses.

Uric Acid Test: How to prepare?

The uric acid test has two different types, the serum and the urine. Either of these two ways, it’ll be beneficial in withdrawing from eating 4 hours preceding to the test. Furthermore, you must also inform your own doctor about any prescribed or over-the-counter drugs you have already been taking as they may cause imprecisions to the test.

From time to time, the uric acid tests, which specially target gout are steered. The synovial fluid examples are being drawn from joints and are being assessed of the existence of the uric acid crystals. Conversely, these particular tests may be inaccurate, most especially when the seed crystals are just only starting to grow.

What Do the Results Impose?

Varying on what the condition you are being detected, the results may mean a lot of things. The high level of uric acid specifies hyperuricemia, while the low uric acid means hypouricemia.

Hyperuricemia is a risk factor for diabetes, hypertension and even cancer. Hence, hyperuricemia is a very bad sign of almost anything bad you can imagine.

I Have a High Level of Uric Acid. What now?

If the uric acid level is so high, the chances are quite high that you’ll get complications of hyperuricemia just like gout, kidney stones, diabetes and hypertension. Henceforth, additional consultations and the communication with your own doctor is highly recommended. It’s significant to eradicate whatever disease is causing the increased level of uric acid or whatever disease that has been caused by the high level of uric acid. By this way, you may isolate the damages and may focus on what you must eradicate first.


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